Explore Rural Gran Canaria!

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is the most visited of all northern municipalities. We heavily recommend you come here!

Its coastline just boasts with crystalline waters and beaches made for the port of Las Nieves.

The town itself is a traditional one. Here you can completely forget about your daily problems in its 'Huerto de las Flores' or Flower Gardens.

And if you go to the breathtaking Valley'll be surrounded by the island's largest nature reserve Pinar de Tamadaba. It's a mountainous pine forest has unbeatable views!! And it's a paradise for hikers.

Its Beaches

There are two beaches and a set of natural swimming pools in the port of Las Nieves. And there are lots of great fresh seafood restaurants along its beaches...the fish is served straight from the boat.

There are a number solariums in Las Nieves Beach I where you can just lie down, relax and work on your tan! 'Las Nasas' restaurant is just in front of the beach and a lovely place to have lunch.


In the beach of Las Nieves II you'll find Agaete's icon...'Dedo de Dios' or God's Finger. It's basically a rock in the sea shaped like a finger. That was until a big storm brought it down in 2005. And now it looks more like a thumb...

Between the beach and 'Dedo de Dios' is Las Merinas. This is a group of rocks that come up close to the water's surface. It's actually one of one of the best places for snorkeling on the island. Below you can see some pictures of where to find them.

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Dedo de Dios                                            Las Merinas

If you carry on walking down the Poets' Promenade you'll get to the natural swimming pools of Las Salinas. These natural pools are formed as the tide goes down. Small fish are usually trapped here during low tide so children love it.

For more secluded beaches you can go to Guayedra, Playa del Juncal or La Caleta. La Caleta is my favorite beach here as it's only a 5 minute walk from Las Nieves and usually there is hardly anyone here. However, you can only swim here during low tide.

To get to three secluded beaches you have to walk down to get to them as you can't drive all the way there. This makes them less visited. And if you're lucky you even might have the whole beach all to yourselves!

Exploring its Towns and Villages!

    1. Agaete Town

Like most traditional Spanish towns, Agaete has a church and a main square in the town centre. And just beside the church is Museo de la Rama. This museum is a great chance to learn more about the Guanches, who were the native Canary Islanders...and about one of Gran Canaria's most popular fiestas - Fiesta de La Rama! It's held on the 4th and 5th of August...and it attracts thousands of people.

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Church on the left during La Rama

In the town centre you will find the city hall, banks, a library with free Wi-Fi Internet access...and the botanical garden of Huerto de las Flores.

Here you will discover a variety of Canarian autochthonous plants and flowers as well as rare plants from all over the world. The entrance to the botanical garden is just on the right hand side of the bakery 'La Esquina'.

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Turn right here and you'll go to...                 'Huerto de las Flores'

    2. Valley Agaete

This valley is full of tropical fruit trees, some of the best coffee in Gran Canaria and impresive mountains. As you drive into the valley you'll get the feeling that you are driving into a postcard!

As you enter the Valley Agaete, you'll pass by a Guanche Cemetery on the right. This is an aboriginal pre-Hispanic necropolis with mommies called Maipés. You can visit this archeological site and right beside it is the Coffee El Valle is famous for its coffee.

The mountains of Tamadaba National Park surround the valley. Here are some of the best hiking tracks in Gran Canaria.

You can actually walk up to the mountains of Tamadaba in under 2 hours. And when you get to the top believe it or not, you'll be surrounded by a vast pine forest. The views are just breathtaking. This hike really is a must!

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    3. Las Nieves Port

Las Nieves Port has always been a typical fishing village…and it still is. This is also where you will find the beaches of Las Nieves.

puerto de las nieves agaete

Ferries leave from here on a daily basis to Tenerife. There are 4 ferries during week days and 6 during the weekend. It just takes under an hour to get to Tenerife. This route is much shorter than if you were to take the ferry from Las Palmas. A great idea for your holidays if staying in Agaete is to rent a car and hop on to the ferry. This will give you the chance of explore our neighboring island too.

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In the port you can visit its Chapel which was built in the 1500's. The Canary Islands only gave in to the Spaniards in the late 1400's which means that the original structure of this Chapel is one of the oldest in Gran Canaria. The Spaniards actually entered Gran Canaria through Agaete to conquer the whole island.

    4. El Risco

As you drive from Agaete to La Aldea de San Nicolas…the views of the Atlantic crushing into the steep rugged mountains are just amazing.

However, this is a long and windy if you are driving to La Aldea you'll definitely want to have a break at some point. El Risco is a village that allows you to do just that. It's right on the road and there's a bar where you can have a cup of coffee and just relax.

How to get here?

By Car
From Las Palmas it takes about 30 minutes to get here. As you leave Las Palmas all you have to do is drive down the GC-2 motorway along the coastline...there's no need to turn anywhere, just drive follow the GC-2.

You can take the 103 bus from Las Palmas, which takes you past Agaete and to Las Nieves. Or you can take the 105 to Galdar and from here the 102 to Valley Agaete.


Explore Rural Gran Canaria!

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