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beaches of Playa de Arinaga, Playa de Vargas and Playa de Cabrón offer a variety of interesting activities...

Playa de Vargas is a world class spot for windsurfing and the Windsurfing Gran Prix is held here, while La Playa del Cabrón is great for snorkeling.

To get to the town centre though you have to drive inland. There you'll find a number of unique statues and museums.

Here you will also find one of the island's deepest ravines…Barranco de Guayadeque. Another popular attraction is its zoological park Cocodrilo Park.

Its Beaches!

Aguimes has a 10km long coastline and a 3.3km promenade connecting its main beaches. These beaches are very different from one another. One's good for sun-bathing, the other for windsurfing and our favorite one for scuba diving.

Playa de Arinaga is a sand and pebble beach that used to be a small fishing port. Now it has become a popular beach surrounded by 27 restaurants. And if you like tuna fish as much as I do…you'll love this place. Their speciality here is no other than the 'rose of the sea'.

gran canaria beaches

If you like windsurfing thought Playa de Vargas is the beach to come to. It is one of Europe's finest windsurfing beaches. The waves here are excellent for radical windsurfing and the World Classic Grand Prix has been held here several times.

There's also a camping area here. So if you're looking for a cheap windsurfing holidays this is a good option.

windsurfing gran canaria

And Playa de Cabrón is great for both scuba diving and snorkeling as it's a marine reserve. The best place for snorkeling is left of this picture below...just where the rocks start...

beaches gran canaria

What To Do?

Town Centre

If you drive uo to the old centre you'll see that it still preserves its original character. Here you'll find narrow allays which will take you back in time. And one of the places you'll have to visit is its Church of San Sebastián…right in the town square Plaza del Rosario.

This is a neoclassical building which dates back to 1796. And it's a National Artistic Historic Monument. You can only walk inside during the morning which makes it a first good stop.

aguimes gran canaria

We would then recommend you stroll around to the square Plaza de San Antón. And go to the 'Centro de Interpretación'. Here you'll find all about Agüimes. The tourism office is in the same building which is really convenient. The lady who works here is extremely friendly. Don't forget you can get a free map of Agüimes here.

Other interesting places to visit are the History Museum, which opens from Tuesdays to Sundays (9:00-17:00) and the Wine Cellar Señorio. As you walk through Aguimes' street you'll also find a number of unexpected sculptures. Like one of a real size camel randomly sitting in one of its alleys!

grand canariarural gran canaria


Barranco de Guayadeque is a must if you come here. This is a lush ravine with over 80 endemic species. It separates Aguimes from Ingenio to the south. And there are a number of hikes you can do here.

Hundreds of pre-Hispanic remains have been found in this area. The slopes are just full of caves where the Guanches used to live and bury their dead. In Museum of Guayadeque (Centro de Interpretación) you'll find all about this area and of its pre-Hispanic civilisation.

At the end of the road there's unique cave-restaurant…it's a large cave with lots of private rooms.


You can also visit Temisas Valley. You'll have to drive further up inland though to get here, but it has an extraordinary mountainous landscape. There's a small cozy village up here with its own chapel. Aguimes Mountain is another attractive place for visitors. It preserves an archeological site where you can still see the rock art and aboriginal caves.

barranco de guayadeque

 A very different popular tourist attraction here is Cocodrilo Park. After adopting their first crocodiles in the 80's the Balser family now have Europe's largest crocodile collection with over 300 specimen. They also have monkeys, tigers, llamas, tropical fish, pigmy goats...

It is privately owned and they take in and look after wild animals that for whatever reason have been abandoned by their previous owners. The entry fee which goes towards looking after the animals and paying staff is 9.90 euros for adults.


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