Caminos Reales de Gran Canaria
Route 1: San Pedro - Tamadaba

Caminos Reales de Gran Canaria - Route 1: San Pedro > Tamadaba

So what makes this Route special?

  • It's great contrast in landscape!
  • It's stunning overlooking views of Agaete and Las Nieves.
  • Tamadaba Natural Park - Gran Canaria's largest nature reserve and
  • It's long aboriginal traditional (La Rama de Agaete)

Distance: 22 Km
This is a closed circuit track. But if you don't want to do the entire can just do Phase I and backtrack where you came from.

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Phase I : Getting to Tamadaba

hikkingGetting There!
The footpath actually starts at the door steps of our holiday homes. If you open the door and step out...your there! If you're staying elsewhere, just drive to San Pedro (El Valle de Agaete).

Let's Start!
Following the path and passing two palm trees, you get to the mountain's base. Here you'll find a fresh water spring which comes straight from Tamadaba.

This is a unique chance to fill up your water bottles.

Ascending The Mountain!
After approx 15 mins walking up the Track, you'll get to Berbique's Caves. These were used until recent to store crops.

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Berbique Caves

As you continue walking up the track you will get to a large circular area of embedded stones. This was used to grind cereals which were planted around this area.

This point offers the first views of Agaete and Las Nieves Port. It's a great place to have a small break.

Terraces used for farming

If you look carefully you'll see that much of the mountain is terraced.

These are man-made structures used for farming until the 1960's.

Then tourism became the main driver of the economy.

These structure are no longer used.

As you continue the path you will get to a point where the path becomes steeper. You will now see how rapidly the vegetation type changes over just a few meters!

Once you get to the mountain's ridge you will see what's on the other side...a pectacular view of Guayedra!

Phase II : Walking Through Tamadaba

The Pinar de Tamadaba is the largest and best preserved Nature Reserve (World Biosphere Reserve) of Gran Canaria. Here you'll find yourself surrounded by a pine tree forest.

As you continue to descend through'll finally get to Los Perez Reservoir. You'll have to cross it to get to the road. There's small shop here!

PART III: Presa Los Perez - San Pedro

This last section takes us back to San Pedro from Presa Los Perez.

You'll have to walk up the road and then turn left towards El Hornillo. You'll see beautiful cave houses on the cliffs where people still live today and a small Chaple.

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All you'll have to do then is follow the arrows which will take you to El Sao and Agaete.

When you get home you'll just want to...take a nice shower and relax for the rest of the day!


Caminos Reales de Gran Canaria - Route 1: San Pedro > Tamadaba

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