Is the Canarian Museum
worth visiting?

Yes, it is!

The Canarian Museum or 'Museo Canario' is definitely worth visiting for anyone interested in Gran Canaria history.

Here lies one of the largest mysteries of the Canaries - The Guanche People!

Who where they?

And the million-dollar question which still baffles historians…

Where did they come from?

What is known about the Guanches is that they were the indigenous islanders who lived here before the Spaniard Conquer in the 14th century.

However...tall, blond and with blue eyes…no one really knows where they came from nor how they got here.

It's like they were just thrown here by God.

Up until the Spaniards arrived in the 15th century they still lived in stone-age conditions as if time hadn't passed for thousands of years.

However they were civilized, hierarchical (with kingdoms) and amazingly like the Egyptians mummified their dead and built pyramidal structures. Here you will learn all whats known about them.

And if you're into anthropology or archeology you'll love it!

The museum holds the best artifacts discovered in archeological sites throughout Gran Canaria. They date back from the 500 BC to the 15th century.

There are 11 exhibition rooms illustrating how they lived, what they dressed in, what they ate or how they mummified their dead...

And there is a really creepy room…where there are rows and rows of cabinets and full of Guanche skulls and skeletons. Children love it.

In its 11 exhibition rooms will learn about the Guanche's:

    1. Dwelling
    2. Stone technology
    3. Agricultural and fishing techniques
    4. Social structure and religious rituals
    5. Leather and plant fabrics
    6. Mummification of the dead
    7. Anthropology room
    8. Funeral rituals
    9. Ceramic technology
    10. Influence of the Guanches in todays Canarian pottery

We spent an amazing hour and a half in the museum.

And try coming on a Monday. It's free!

However before you visit the Canarian Museum we suggest... first visit the original Guanche archeological sites of both 'Cueva Pintada' in Galdar and 'Cenobio de Valerón' in Santa Maria de Guia.

By visiting these sites first you'll have a much better understanding of the museum and will find it so much more interesting!

Museo Canario Open Hours and Fees

Monday to Friday 10.00 to 20.00 hrs
Saturdays and Sundays 10.00 to 14.00 hrs

Adults: 4.00 EUR
Students and senior citizens: 2.40 EUR
Children under 12 years: Free
Mondays: Free Entrance

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