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About This Page?

The idea of making a website on Canary Island holidays and more specifically about'Holidays in Gran Canaria' came about when…my father and I were driving along the less known north-western coast (in Galdar) and we accidently stopped at an absolutely amazing secluded beach.

canary islands holidaysAnd although I grew up in front of Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas (which is 'the best city beach' in Spain) this was just something else...

This small isolated beach on that sunny summer day just blew my mind!

That moment was a true eye opener. And it was then that I discovered first hand Gran Canaria had so much to offer.

That's also when I decided to explore the island and share its secrets with you.

You won't find most of these places in any travel guide…as they are simply too small to cater for mass tourism. And even many of my friends, who were born and raised here are as surprised as I first was when they vivit some of these places.

This website shows you the 'true' Gran Canaria and its people, not the 'tourist resort' Gran Canaria and its very unfortunately cheap entertainment... that's why you will NOT find information about the best nightclub or Irish pub in Puerto Rico or Maspalomas.

I have also added useful information our guests ask us about before getting to Gran Canaria. All of our guests are couples and families looking for peaceful and tranquil holidays in a rural environment right by the mountains and close to beautiful non-touristy beaches…

About Us?

travel gran canariaAfter working over 20 years in London (in hospitality and teaching) my parents moved back to Gran Canaria in the 90's. That's how my brother and I grew up here.

Both of my parents are now retired and live on a farm in the Valley of Agaete (my father's hometown). Here they grow tropical fruits and organic vegetables.

Right beside the farm are our two holiday homes we rent to guests wanting enjoy of a total tranquil environment.

And guests are always delighted to walk around our farm and gardens. Many of our guests come every year and some stay for several months a time.

If you have any questions you can send me an email to:

I will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Thanks!


Canary Islands Holidays - About Us

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