Canary Islands Map
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Canary Islands Map - You'll probably agree with me that Google Maps is the King of Kings when it comes to maps. There is no way you can beat zooming in and walking down its streets!

It's also true that it's quite inconvenient to drive with an open laptop on the driver's seat looking for directions. Believe me…I was naive enough to think that this would work out just fine. And after a while I just gave up and started asking whoever I saw for directions.

canary islands mapThat's when I thought that having a detailed Google Maps printed out would be a great idea…

And decided to make one!

I already did all the hard work of cutting, cropping and pasting snapshots of Google Maps. So all you have to do is save it and print it. For FREE!

If you want to give it a professional look (and for convenience) we would recommend you bind it. And if you're planning to use it for many years you can even laminate it.

We've created maps at different Zoom Levels or Resolutions. This way you can choose which one best fits your needs. That way you can also save some paper and ink by not having to print out the highest resolution map.

Click on the links below to preview each printable map:

  • Gran Canaria (Medium Size) - This map of Gran Canaria will allow you to get to all towns and main beaches of the island. It's 14 pages.

  • Gran Canaria (Large Size) - this map is a much more detailed map of the island. You'll even see small roads that take you to more secluded areas and beaches of the island. It's 43 pages.

If you need a Street Map of Las Palmas de GC or of Maspalomas…we've also created one for each place.

We also recommend you read through all sections of Travel Gran Canaria.

This way you'll know exactly what you want to do and where to go during your holidays. You'll find great tips and secluded beaches you won't find in any travel guide and which you won't want to miss!

Canary Islands Maps

The best thing about the Canary Islands is that there are 7 of them. So if you decide to hop over to any of the other islands...we've also made maps of theses so that you can take with you.

Click on the links below to preview them and then you can just print them out:

These maps will allow you to get to place that are not marked on ordinary tourist maps. So take full advantage of them and have a great holidays!

Canary Islands Map

Gran Canaria
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