Canary Islands Rural Tourism
'Casas Camino Tamadaba'

Canary Islands rural tourism is by far the best way of getting to know the islands' true natural beauty. And its warm hearted people.

Staying at 'Casas Camino Tamadaba' will allow you to do just that. As they are in a totally rural surrounding. But please bear in mind that they are NOT a 'rural house' as such.

Where Are They?

'Casas Camino Tamadaba' are in the fertile Valle de Agaete (Agaete). A rural village with breathtaking views in the north-west of Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands Rural Tourism
'Casas Camino Tamadaba' - El Valle de Agaete

The houses are located between two tropical fruit farms. If you look closely at the picture above you'll be able to spot the two farms on the mountain's foot. We live on the farm on the right. We grow mangos, papayas, oranges, grapes, avocados and guavas.

At 'Casas Camino Tamadaba' we offer two spacious apartments at a very affordable rate! And we are always more than happy to see our guests walk around our farm and gardens and pick their own fruits. At no cost!

Our Holiday Homes

Top Apartment
The Top Apartment is great for large families!

gran canaria self catering

    - 2 Double Bedrooms

    - 1 Single Bedroom

    - 2 Bathrooms

    - Kitchen

    - Lounge (flat screan TV)

    - Interior covered patio

Photos of Top Apartment

Bottom Apartment
The Bottom Apartment accommodates four people.

rural houses canary islands

    - 2 Double Bedrooms

    - 2 Bathrooms

    - Kitchen and

    - Lounge (with a flat screan TV)

Photos of Bottom Apartment

Gran Canaria Self Catering!
Our apartments area fully equipped with brand new electric appliances (fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer, oven, heater, etc). And the kitchen areas are large and very comfortable.

Terrace Top
Both apartments have a Terrace Top with chairs and hammocks where you can sun-bathe while looking at the relaxing views of the Mountains of Tamadaba.

What's There To Do ?

Good question...

Well 'Casas Camino Tamadaba' are located in an area that is ideal simply to relax in. It's totally isolated from noisy urban life. The only thing that might wake you up in the mornings are roosters singing!

The apartments are just on the foot of the Mountains of Tamadaba. The island's largest nature reserve. This also makes it a great place for outdoor sports! And there are also beaches close by...

Beaches: Las Nieves Beach

Agaete and its beaches are only a 10 minute drive away. There are two beaches and a natural swimming pool. These are popular with locals. You'll also find some tourists trying to get away from the busy south.

gran canaria beaches
Las Nieves Beach II and ferry that goes to Tenerife

Overlooking the beaches are a number of great restaurants that serve fish straight off the boat. It really doesn't get any fresher than this.

gran canaria beach
Las Nieves Beach I

holidays in gran canaria
Agaete's Natural Swimming Pools

Day Trip To Tenerife: The Port of Las Nieves (Agaete) allows you to explore the neighboring island of Tenerife. You can take your car with you on the Ferry early in the morning and just come back at night.

Outdoor Activities

The houses are on one of the islands most popular traditional footpaths - 'Camino Real de Tamadaba'. All you have to do is step outside the door and you're on it! If you follow the path it will take you right to the top of Tamadaba Mountains. The island's largest Nature Park.

gran canaria treking
Canary Islands rural tourism

I really can't emphasis enough what an experience this hike is. It's definitely a must! The hike takes about 2 hours to the top...

hiking gran canaria travel gran canaria
Views of Agaete and Las Nieves              Pine forest up in Tamadaba Mountains

This footpath is used each year in the traditional 'Bajada de la Rama'. Every 29th June and 4th August hundreds of people go up the mountain to collect branches. They then take these to the beach. It's and aboriginal tradition...where rain is asked from the Gods. Today this is one of the islands most popular fiestas - 'La Rama de Agaete'. Many visitors come to Gran Canaria just for this fiesta.


'Casas Camino Tamadaba' are really good if you're looking for tranquil and affordable Canary Islands rural tourism holiday. As there are no crowded tourist resorts nor crowded beaches nearby. They are are NOT good if your looking for entertainment like nightclubs or Irish Pubs!

We have also done our best to keep our prices as low as possible. So that you can get the best possible deal.


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Canary Islands Rural Tourism - 'Casas Camino Tamadaba'

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