El Hierro Canary Islands
Map of El Hierro

map of el hierroMap of El Hierro - El Hierro Canary Islands is a small island west of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

The island just has a population of over 10,000 inhabitants. And it's not a major tourist destination (as it only has 2,000 beds)…

…most living here agree it should remain this way. This makes it the even more unique.

UNESCO declared El Hierro as a World Biosphere Reserve and 58% of its area is protected. This is also the only island in the world which relies 100% on renewable energy.

You can get to El Hierro either by ferry or plane. Both the port and the airport are in Valverde. The island's capital. The airport is the smallest airport I have ever been to.

Here you can rent a car and start exploring the island. Click here to download a medium size Google Maps Book of El Hierro.

Things To Do

Here we've just listed some ''must do's'' while in El Hierro:

1) La Maceta Natural Swimming Pools - these are three natural swimming pools in the northeast of El Hierro. They are emptied and filled up naturally with fresh seawater every 12 hours as the tide comes in and goes out.

el hierro canary islands

The pools offer a good opportunity to spend a great day as there is also a BBQ area where you can sit down, relax and have lunch.

To get here you'll have to go to the Valle del Golfo on the main road. And at Pozo de la Salud you have to turn right and then follow the signposting.

2) Mirador de La Peña - if you go up to this point you'll have a fantastic view of Valle del Golfo. From here you'll also be able to see Roques de Salmor and Punta Grande quite clearly.

el hierro holidays

The viewpoint was designed by one of the most famous artist of the Canary Islands César Manrique. You'll also be able to enjoy of typical Canarian food up here as there is restaurant.

3) Lagartario - you'll be asking yourself ''And what's a Lagartario?''

''Lagarto'' in Spanish means lizard. El Hierro is the only place in the world you can find the Giant Lizard or Gallatai Simonyi…which was thought to be extinct until 1975!

el hierro holiday

This centre aims at reintroducing this unique specimen into its natural environment. It's worth a visit. It's also in Valle del Golfo.

4) Sabina - is an autochthonous tree known to grow in inhospitable places. The strong winds in the town of Sabinosa (from where the tree is originally from) have made them grow in unusual shapes.

el hierro islas canarias

This tree is one of the island's symbols.

5) Sand Beaches - there are only a few sand beaches in El Hierro. These are the beaches of Playa de Timijiraque and Playa de La Arena.

And don't forget to download your map of El Hierro!

El Hierro Canary Islands - Map of El Hierro

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