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Firgas is one of the greener areas of Gran Canaria.

You can walk around the town centre within an hour and some of the places you can't miss are its Church of San Roque, its traditional water mill and its cultural house.

From here we recommend you continue driving towards Valleseco. This is one of my favorite drives as you're surrounded by lush vegetation.

What to See?

Coming here means visiting its Church of San Roque which was built back in 1502 and the town square.


Opposite the church and the square you'll find the cultural house or 'Casa de la Cultura'. This is an emblematic building which was built in the 1800's to house tourists who came to visit Firgas' curing waters. Now days it's a public library where you will find number of exhibition halls.

firgas gran canaria

If you walk around the corner from 'Casa de la Cultura' and walk down some steps you'll get to 'El Molino'. This is a traditional water mill used to grind roasted corn to make corn powder know in the Canaries as 'gofio'. In the past this was a staple food and it is stilll used today regularly in canarian kitchens. The mill is still in use and you can see how it works.

firgas rural house

Much of this municipality is situated in the Doramas Rural Park. This a protected natural area much greener, wetter and colder than most other places on the island. So we recommend you drive through this park up to El Zumacal (GC-30) passing Los Chorros and going towards Valleseco.

Here you will find 'El Balcon de Zamora' and other restaurants with great views of this very different green landscape.

How to get here?

To get here all you have to do is drive along the northern motorway (GC-2). Then take a right turn when you see Arucas (GC-20). From Arucas just follow the signposts which will lead you to Firgas...its straight forward.

You can take the 201 bus from Las Palmas. However this bus does not run every hour so it's probably a better idea to first take a bus to Arucas (210, 234, 205, 206) and then the 211 bus (it runs every 30 minutes from Arucas).

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