Gran Canaria Beaches

Gran Canaria Beaches - If you're looking for the best and most secluded beaches in Gran Canaria...Congratulations! You're in the right place.

Here you'll find information on much more than on your popular tourist beaches of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas! However, we've included these because they are popular for a good reason ; )

Maspalomas las canteras Maspalomas Beach                             Las Canteras Beach

We'll also show you how to get to some of the islands most secluded beaches...

agaete GaldarJuncal Beach (Agaete)                         Sardina Beach (Galdar)

So, why spend all your holidays in a hotel's swimming pool when you can go out and enjoy over 120 Beaches? Yes…that's right, there are over 120 Beaches in Gran Canaria!

And if you really like swimming pools…you will love these natural Beach Swimming Pools!

Discovering Gran Canaria Beaches


Gran Canaria beaches usually have a flag indicating how safe it is to swim.

Please bear in mind that there can be strong currents, so you must be careful when swimming in the sea and do not go too far inside, especially if you're by yourself.

Below are all the beaches we have had the privilege to enjoy!

These range from the sandy golden dunes of Maspalomas to hidden, less-known beaches rich in underwater wildlife, ideal for snorkeling and scuba-diving.

We have grouped them according to their location.

This way you'll be able to visit more than one beach if lets says, you decide to go to Agaete for the day.

Some of them are just a few minutes from each other, but you can miss them if you didn't know where they were.

The North-West!

Agaete Beach

Playa del Juncal
Playa Turman
Playa Las Salinas
Playa Las Nieves I
Playa Las Nieves II
Playa de Guayedra
Playa de Sotavento
Playa Farenoque
Playa del Risco
Playa Segura
Playa del Muelle
Playa de la Caleta
Playa Punta Gorda
Playa La Guancha
Playa Lagarto
Playa Risco Partido
Playa Martorell
Playa Sardina
Playa El Muelle
Playa El Roquete
Playa Paso del Salgo
Playa Punta del Faro
Playa Caleton de los Cangrejos
Playa Punta Galdar
Playa Caleta de Abajo
Playa Punta del Clavo
Playa Furnia
Playa Dos Roques
Playa Boca Barranco
Playa El Agujero
Playa La Redonda
Playa La Caleta de Arriba
Guia Gran Canaria

Playa La Caleta de Arriba
Playa Roque Prieto
Playa Punta del Angosto
Playa San Felipe
Playa Pagador
Playa El Roque
Playa El Altillo
Playa Boquini

La Aldea de San Nicolas
la aldea
Playa Los Secos
Playa Ambar
Playa Tasarte
Playa Aneas
Playa Tasartico
Playa Descojonado
Playa Lioguicha
Playa Güi-Güi Chico
Playa Güi-Güi Grande
Playa La Aldea
Playa Puerto La Aldea
Artenara Map
Playa Punta Gongora
Playa Punta Arena
Moya Mapa
Playa Charco San Lorenzo
Playa San Lorenzo
Playa Caleta de Moya
Playa San Andres
Playa Los Enanos
Playa El Peñon
Playa Quintanilla
Playa Los Marrajos
Playa La Fuente
Playa Las Coloradas
Playa Los Charcones
Playa El Puertillo
Playa Charco Las Palomas
Playa Las Salinas

Las Palmas and The East!

Las Palmas
Las Palmas Beaches

Playa Boca Barranco
Playa Las Canteras
Playa El Confital
Playa Alcaravaneras
Playa San Cristobal
Playa La Laja
Playa Los Muellitos
Playa La Cicer
Telde Gran Canaria
Playa Jinamar
Playa El Barranquillo
Playa San Borondon
Playa Chica
Playa La Garita
Playa Pozuelo
Playa El Hombre
Playa Melenara
Playa Salinetas
Playa Agua Dulce
Playa Tufia
Playa Ojos de Garza
Ingenio Map
Playa El Burrero
Playa de Las Torrecillas
Aguimes Beach
Playa Arinaga
Playa El Cabrón
Playa Balos
Playa Vargas
Playa Las Marañuelas

The South!
Maspalomas Map
Playa Maspalomas
Playa El Faro
Playa Las Mujeres
Playa Las Meloneras
Playa Pasito Blanco

Mogan beach

Playa Costa Alegre
Playa La Carrera
Playa Medio Almud
Playa Tiritaña
Playa Cruz de Piedra
Playa Taurito
Playa del Ingles
playa del ingles
Playa del Ingles

Puerto de Mogan
Mogan Map

Playa Mogan
Playa Veneguera
Playa Los Secos

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Map

Playa Balito
Playa Puerto Rico
Playa Amadores
Playa Tauro
Playa El Cura
San Agustin
San Agustin Gran Canaria
Playa San Agustin
Playa Tarajalillo
Playa El Aguila
Playa El Besudo
Playa Las Burras
Playa Bahía Feliz

San Bartolome de Tirajana
San Bartolome de Tirajana

Playa Boca Las Casillas
Playa Corral de Espino
Playa El Cardon
Playa El Cochino
Playa Montaña de Arena
Playa Las Carpinteras
Playa Triana
Playa Los Bigotes
Playa Llanillo
Playa El Lomo Galeon
Playa El Molinero
Playa Santa Agueda
Playa Ganaguin
Playa El Pirata
Playa La Caleta
Playa Llano de los Militares
Playa Pasito Bea
Santa Lucia de Tirajana
Pozo Izquierdo
Playa El Arenal - Pozo Izquierdo

What's Your Favorite Gran Canaria Beach?

Please tell us, and share any pictures you may have with the rest of us!


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