Gran Canaria Cheap Car Hire

Gran Canaria cheap Car Hire - renting a car is by far the best way of exploring Gran Canaria!

It gives you total freedom. Unlike pre-booked coaches or day trips excursions. Feel free to see our favorite car tours and excursions throughout the island!

Where to Hire a Car in Gran Canaria?

There are lot's of places from where you can hire a car form in Gran Canaria. We recommend the following:

OPTION 1: At the Airport!

There are 6 car hire companies at Gran Canaria's Airport. They're on the first floor...

gran canaria cheap car hire

You'll see them just before you go to pick up your bags at the conveyor belts. You can't miss them.

If you're thinking about hiring a car straight from the Airport we recommend you first check what they have to offer:

  • Avis
  • T: +34 928 579 578
  • Cicar
  • T: +34 928 579 378
  • Europcar
  • T: +34 928 574 292
  • Goldcar
  • T: +34 902 119 726
  • Hertz
  • T: +34 928 579 577
  • Top Car Auto
  • T: +34 928 574 744

Compare these prices with that of other companies…

OPTION 2: Price Search!

If you're looking for the best prices the best thing you can do is a price-comparison-search.

We recommend you try as it searches up to 50 leading car hire companies and bring back the cheapest prices.


What About Public Transport?

Public transport is good. But using public buses also means having to waste valuable time at bus stops...

canaria car gran hire holiday However public transport can come especially handy if you're planning to go hiking or biking. As some of the routes are not 'closed circuits' (the starting-ending points are different).

This means you won't go back to where you left your car. You would have to back-track the entire route to pick it up.

Here, using public transport would be your best option. Or a combination of both...


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