Gran Canaria Fishing

Gran Canaria fishing in a sustainable way is a great way of having some fun, either from the shore or out in the sea. Blue marlins, white marlins, spearheads, swordfish, angel sharks, tuna, barracudas, eel moraines, rays… the list goes on.

Gran Canaria deep sea fishing - Set out to sea on a local licensed fishing charter boat, sit back and relax while you try to get that dream fish of yours. Most boats engaged in Gran Canaria deep fishing will allow you to videotape your fishing, take pictures, etc before letting the game back into the sea. On the main harbours in the South of Gran Canaria there will be boats specialising in deep sea fishing and will provide all the necessary equipment as well as guided trips in English and other foreign languages.

The climate in Gran Canaria makes it an ideal spot to fish all year round.

March is when the big game season for tuna starts and it stretches up until October.

Billfish can be caught from May until October, the busiest months being from June until the end of September.

The winter months are ideal for rays such as eagle rays and thornbacks.

Gran Canaria is known for having BIG versions of these fish and a few stats explain why this island is such an ideal place for fishing with blue marlins exceeding 1,100 lbs (500 kg), 7 feet + long swordfish, big eye tuna over 350 lbs (160 kg) having all been recorded.

Shore fishing - please note that a fishing license is officially required to fish in Gran Canaria. If going deep sea fishing the boat will have this. If you are fishing from the shore or if you would like to rent a boat by yourself and fish from it too, a license will be required. Rates are as follows:

Type 1 license - 29.44 Euros: for trolling fishing

Type 2 license - 22.08 Euros: for those who would like to fish and dive without a tank

Type 3 license - 14.74 Euros: simple fishing without trolling

You will need to show a copy of your passport (ID card will do for Spanish citizens). For those applying for a type 2 license, an official medical certificate stating that you are healthy and fit to go diving fishing will be required.

For those under-aged the documents above will be required together with written permission from the chdild's parent / legal tutor as well a document proving such relation to the child.

The license can be obtained from the following place:

Viceconsejería de Pesca - (for Gran Canaria Fishing):
Profesor Agustín Millares Carló, s/n
1st floor,
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone number: 928 21 9494 / 9470

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