Gran Canaria
Gardens City or Ciudad Jardín

Gran Canaria Gardens City (or Ciudad Jardín) is the posh residential area of Las Palmas.

Its right behind the exclusive yacht clubs of Las Alcaravaneras beach and the Maritime Promenade…

And it's mid-way between the modern area of Las Palmas (like Las Canteras beach and the shopping area of Mesa y Lopez) and the historical old quarter of Vegueta.

Set back from the busy streets…it is so quiet and peaceful here.

Here you'll find big house with gardens…which is very unusual in Las Palmas. They were actually originally built by British families in the 19th century which explains it.

While in Gran Canaria Gardens City (Ciudad Jardin)Doramas Park is a-must!

It's a beautiful park with lots of palm trees and autochthonous plants. They usually have shows going on Saturdays for children…when it's very lively.

"Doramas" was a Guanche (indigenous Canarian) leader who resisted the Spanish invaders.

But when faced with no other option than defeat…many Guanches preferred death itself… jumping-off cliffs and committing suicide!

The statues here show this tragic event.

Inside the park you have-to visit…

  • Pueblo Canario; which is a typical Canarian town recreation.
  • Here you'll find typical Canarian houses with their wooden balconies and a 16th century chapel - Ernita de Santa Catalina.

    It has a lovely square outside where you can sit down and relax.

    And on Thursdays (17:00) and Sundays (11:30) you can enjoy of typical Canarian folklore while having a coffee.

  • Nestor Museum; who is a famous Canarian artist, has 12 exhibition halls.
  • The entrance is right by Pueblo Canario's square.

I promise you won't regret visiting either of these.

Right beside the park is Las Palmas' most renowned hotel - Hotel Santa Catalina.

From Ciudad Jardin you can walk to Triana Las Palmas oldest shopping area along the promenade right in front of the sea...'s a bit of a walk but worth it.

You can also take a bus if you prefer as all buses go in that direction.

Gran Canaria
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