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Gran Canaria Transport - If you're not going to rent a can still explore and travel Gran Canaria on Public Transport. Gran Canaria has a great bus system that allows you to get to most areas of the island.

Public buses are all modernly equipped with facilities for the handicapped. They are able to lower their floor level to allow people on wheelchairs to enter the bus.

The different types of public transport in Gran Canaria are:

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Global Buses

These are inter-city buses. The Global Buses go to and from different cities and villages in Gran Canaria.

These are the buses you'll be jumping on when travelling outside of Las Palmas city centre.

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Guaguas Municipales

Las Palmas city centre buses. Rates are only 1 euro...less if you purchase a "bono" ticket.

These buses receive high subsidies from the government meaning they have top-notch conditions running constantly even if almost empty!

gran canaria taxi Gran Canaria Taxis

Taxis are another main means of transport in Gran Canaria...just like anywhere else!

Fares start from 1.50 euros and radio-taxi services will allow you to call them at any time.

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Gran Canaria Boats

Boats are not used a means of public transportation within the island. But there are several boat trips available in Gran Canaria as well as boats for hire.

This is without any doubt a unique way of discovering some of the island's most isolated areas!

gran canaria transport
Trams and Trains

There are no trains in Gran Canaria but there will be a tramway "soon".

In the 1970s this project almost became true. A tramway from Las Palmas to the South was to be built (parts of it were). But finally because of the influence of interested parties it was never finished.

Las Palmas itself had a tramway in the old days called "La Pepa."

Interesting Fact: In the Canaries we call buses 'Guaguas'. It's the only region in Spain where it's used. In mainland Spain they simply call them 'autobuses'.

'Guaguas' actually comes from the English word "wagon". It was used by the Americans in the 1800s when referring to train wagons and medium sized vehicles.

And then from Cuba (where it's still used) it expanded to the many Canarian immigrants returned home after years working there (...including my grandfather!).


Gran Canaria Transport

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