Grand Canaria Watersports!

Grand Canaria Watersports - Grand Canaria is an an ideal place to do watersport activities all year round because of its excellent climate.

Some of these activities are fun and cheap…others will require renting more expensive equipment and training. But they will guarantee a lifetime experience...

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This is my all time favorite! It's easy, fun and very cheap. And anyone can do it...except for father that is…

Memories of my brother and myself teaching him how to snorkel and then seeing him submerging himself and the snorkeling tube below the water's surface while breathing in, still makes me laugh.

gran canaria watersports gran canaria beaches

Unsuprisingly there are a number of really great snorkeling beaches here in Gran Canaria. Some of my favorite place to snorkel are:

- Playa de las Nieves (Agaete)
- Sardina (Agaete/Galdar)
- Caleta Baja (Galdar)
- Las Canteras Beach (Las Palmas de GC)
- Taliarte (Telde)
- El Cabrón (Agüimes)
- Risco Verde (Agüimes)

And all you have to do is buy a snorkeling mask and you're ready to go!

Scuba Diving

The Canary Islands form a natural reef in the Atlantic Ocean.

This acts as a home to thousands of water species including; sting rays, bottle nose dolphin, octopus, seahorses, barracudas…

gran canaria scuba divingThe best reefs and ship wrecks for immersions are:

- Las Merinas (Agaete)
- Sardina (Galdar)
- Caleta Baja (Galdar)
- Las Canteras Beach (Las Palmas)
- Wreck "Angela Pando" (Las Palmas)
- La Catedaral (Las Palmas)
- Wreck "Kalais" (Las Palmas)
- El Cabrón (Agüimes)
- Wreck "Cermona II" (Mogán)

If you're interested in Gran Canaria scuba diving there are a number of good scuba diving schools you can dive with.

Body boarding!

Body boarding
is one of the most popular sports here in Gran Canaria.

watersports gran canaria As kids we used to spend all our summer holidays body boarding...or at least trying to.

The good thing about body boarding is that...even if you're a beginner you can have a great time on your very first wave...

All you have to do is just hold on tight to the board and let the wave push you all the way to shore.

And if you're an experienced body boarder…you'll probably already know that Gran Canaria offers some of the best breaks in the world. The 2010 World Championship was actually held in El Confital beach.


Surfing requires a little more skill than body boarding. But you'll be able master the basics after a few hours.

surfing gran canariaIf you've never to it before and you think you might need some help...there are a few schools which can help you out.

You won't have problems finding good breaks there are great places to surf throughout the island.

Some of the best locations are in the north of Gran Canaria like La Cicer, El Confital or Bañaderos.

In general the north of Grand Canaria is for surfing and body boarding and the south-east is for windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Many windsurfing pros live in Gran Canaria. That's a good sign for windsurfing lovers!

gran canaria windsurfingThey live here because Gran Canaria has some of the best beaches and winds for windsurfing!

The annual Windsurfing Gran Prix is held in here every year.

The best beaches are on the east coast (due to north-eastern prevailing winds) like the beaches of; Pozo Izquierdo, Ojos de Garza or Guan Grande.

If you're a beginner you'll probably want to be looking for milder winds in Las Palmas. And there are also a number of school that can teach you how to windsurf here.


I must admit I still haven't tried it yet...

gran canaria activities But it has become increasingly popular in Grand Canaria as the NE winds provide the ideal conditions for this sport!

Like windsurfing, unless you have kitesurfed before it will take some serious training before you'll be able to impress your friends with pictures of yourself flying above the sea.

If your on holidays in Gran Canaria just a few might want to stick to soemthhing easier like body boarding or surfing.

However, if you really want to learn this amazing sport there are a few schools you can go to.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is popular with many tourists in Gran Canaria.

gran canaria fishingSome of the largest Blue Marlins have actually been caught here. Weighing over 500 Kg (1,100 Lbs).

A large number of Tuna species can also be caught in Gran Canaria's waters.

There are a number of companies that offer deep sea fishing.

Most of these are located in the island's south, as its here where most tourist are. Which makes sense...

Boat Trips

gran canaria boatsThere are boat trips you can go on which will take you to some of the island's most secluded areas. Many of these inaccessible by road.

This is a truly spectacular way of discovering Gran Canaria's coast.

There are also a number of companies which will take you right up to one of the most amazing animals…dolphins!!

It's just incredible seeing them in the wild doing summersaults out of their own will.


Grand Canaria Watersports

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