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Discovering Grand Canary Island - Hiking & Biking!


Okay it's time to put your boots on now!

Here you will find some of the most interesting Hiking Routes (Caminos Reales) in Gran Canaria. After this you'll be be able to discover Gran Canaria in it's purest form!

If you decide to stay in El Valle de Agaete we really recommend you start by doing Route 1.

All you'll have to do is literally open your door and start walking. As our holiday homes are just on this footpath. If you decide to stay elsewhere you can just drive here first.

What are The Best Routes in Grand Canary Island?

Below we have chosen 10 Hiking Routes which we really hope you enjoy! Click on the Routes to see more information and silly pictures of myself! : )

1) El Valle de Agaete > Tamadaba
Truly spectacular! This Route takes you up to Tamadaba Nature Park.

6) Pajonales
The total lenght is 9.4km. After 7km of pine trees you reach El Juncal Village.

2) El Valle de Agaete > Agaete
This path links the village of San Pedro and Agaete. It's quite a show!

7) El Valle de Agaete > Artenara
A beautiful path that goes to Artenara through El Pinar de Tamadaba.

3) Roque Nublo
The area has a dozen routes of different levels of difficulty. Try this one...

8) Roque Nublo - Short Route!
Walk around one of the island's icons. This is an easy one!

4) Cruze Grande
This is a 14km hike passing by San Bartolome de Tirajana.

9) Tamadaba Nature Park
Tamadaba Nature Park is a mysterious place of incredible beauty. See Roque Faneque!

5) Embalse Soria
This is a 10km hike along two of the island's most beautiful reservoires.

10) Guayadeque
One of the island's largest 'barrancos' (ravines) of the island.

Not really a hike, but more of an enjoyable long walk we had to include...

Bonus! Las Canteras Beach > El Confital
A walk along the spectacular Promenade of Las Canteras Beach takes you to La Isleta. A virgin Protected Nature Reserve very close to the city centre.

All these Routes will allow you to enjoy of some of the islands most beautiful and secluded scenic points. We hope you enjoy them. One last thing...take lots of water !



I've always found Biking one of the best ways of exploring new places...

As biking allows you to engage with nature while covering large distances. Many times these being inaccessible by car.

Fun Biking Routes in Grand Canary Island...

We have chosen 10 Biking Routes that we found both fun and do-able!

The truth is that I myself am a many of these are either on a flat areas or involve going downhill most of the way.

Each Biking Route showns you the ups and downs, so you'll know exactly what to expect from each one of them.

1) North-East Galdar

6) Juncalillo > Galdar

2) Caideros Descent

7) Pico de Las Nieves > Sta Lucia

3) Artenara > San Nicolas

8) Bentaiga

4) Artenara > Tamadaba Tour

9) Sarnina Plains

5) Avenida Maritima

10) Santa Lucia > La Sorueda

Some of the Route sections are off road, on dirt roads and on be prepared!


Remember, safety always come first!

Make sure you are familiar with Spain's driving codes and that you're wearing all necessary safety equipment at all times.

We provide you with information for you to have a great holiday, but are not to be held responsible for any incidents of any type.

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Biking in El Confital (close to Las Canteras Beach)

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