Ingenio Gran Canaria

ingenio in gran canaria
Ingenio Gran Canaria
is located between two massive ravines which themselves are beautiful natural areas. Rich in autochthonous vegetation.

One of them is Barranco de Guayadeque...which is a must see!

In the Villa of Ingenio you can't miss its town square of Plaza de la Candelaria.

Other places you can visit here are the Stone & Craft Museum and the park Parque Néstor which has one of the tallest palm trees on the island.

Its only Beach

El Burrero Beach is right besides the small fishing town of El Burrero. The beach itself is a 500m long and it's made of sand and pebbles. It's good for windsurfing and sailing as it can get quite windy!

gran canaria beaches ingenio

If you're trying to escape from mass tourisms…there's good won't find many tourists here. There are also a number of bars and restaurants with great views of the beach. For less crowded beaches nearby you can see these in Telde and Aguimes.

What to Visit?

To get to the town of Ingenio you'll have to drive inland. That means you'll have to drive off the motorway (GC-1) and taking the GC-191.

Once your here…we suggest you visit the Stone & Craft Museum where you can find all sorts of stones, fossils, artisan craft works and old farming tools. You can also buy artisan craft work here which would make a great souvenir.

ingenio las palmas

You can also visit Ingenio's chapel which is famous for its nativity scene. This is a small scale reconstruction in great detail of Jesus Christ's birth. It's 1,500 m2 and opens on the 1st December to 6th January.

Also worth visiting here is the town square Plaza de la Candelaria. On your way here you'll see a park called El Parque de Lectura and one of the most emblematic sculptures in Ingenio "Las Lavanderas". It shows women washing clothes the old style...God bless washing machines! And opposite it you'll find Ingenio's gothic style church.

ingenio iglesia de la candelaria iglesia candelaria ingenio grand canaria

We would then recommend you walk to the park Parque Néstor. This is the old quarter which is surrounded by colourful houses. Here you'll find one of the tallest palm trees on the island…a whopping 42m!


Ingenio is located between two huge ravines (which we call 'barrancos'). These are Barranco del Draguillo to the north, which separates Ingenio from Telde and Barranco de Guayadeque to the south, which separates Ingenio from Aguimes.

These are two beautiful areas which we highly recommend you visit. Especially Barranco de Guayadeque as it has a number of interesting walks.

How to get here?

By Car
As you drive down the motorway which takes you to the south of the island from Las Palmas (GC-1) you simply have to turn right when you see the signpost which says Ingenio. It's the GC-191 road.

You can either take bus number 11 which goes to Aguimes, or number 12 which goes to Telde. Buses leave every hour from Las Palmas' bus station.


Ingenio Gran Canaria

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