Las Canteras Beach

Las Canteras beach is Spain's best city beach.

But it's so much more than just a beach.

Along its 3km of golden sand you can walk down its vibrant promenade with heaps of lively tapas restaurant.

There's something for everyone here!

#1 La Cicer

Towards the west of Las Canteras…where the beach starts (or ends)…is Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and Las Arenas shopping centre.

This end of the beach is known as La Cicer.

"Feeling adventurous?"

"Fancy a go at body boarding or surfing in Gran Canaria?"

Well, La Cícer is the way to go!

las canteras beach Looking east to Alfredo Kraus Auditorium

This is the section of the beach that is not protected by the reef (there are bits of it but all under water!).

And yes you guessed right - this leads to some of the best waves to catch not only in Gran Canaria but in all of the Canary Islands. You can rent all the gear you need right on the spot.

Unlike the rest of Las Canteras beach, this end consists of fine, eroded, black volcanic sand.

las canteras beach las palmas Looking west to La Isleta

It's also popular for beach football and kick-abouts as this is forbidden in the rest of Las Canteras.

However La Cícer is not the best place for swimming.

If you fancy swimming in the sea…you're better off walking further down Las Canteras where there are hardly any waves.

#2 Playa Chica or 'Small Beach'

Playa Chica is right in the middle of Las Canteras.

Protected by the reef this calm area is ideal for children, dog-paddlers like myself and for snorkeling.

gran canaria beaches

These shallow waters provide a magnificent habitat for parrotfish, wrasses and lizardfish. I have also been able to spot moray eels. Twice! ; )

It's especially amazing during low-tide. This is when you can walk on the reef as you can see above!

Next is...

#3 Playa Grande or 'Big Beach'

Walking further east towards the end of the beach..or start…you'll get to the more popular area of Las Canteras beach - Playa Grande.

las canteras beach

There are a number of hotels like AC Hotel Gran Canaria and Hotel Cristina Las Palmas. Throughout Playa Grande you can also rent hammocks for 2 euros and start roasting.

This area is also packed with lively restaurants overlooking the beach. And sometimes you get live music too.

playa las canteras

Like Playa Chica, Playa Grande is also a great spot for snorkeling.  

At the end of the beach is La Puntilla. And strictly-speaking this is the end of Las Canteras beach.

But! The promenade doesn't stop here…

If you carry on walking around La Puntilla you'll get to El Confital beach.


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