Las Palmas Beach - Las Alcaravaneras

A well known Las Palmas Beach, Playa de las Alcaraveneras is located on the other side of the city, by the port of Las Palmas.

This beach hosts several piers used by locals and foreigners for their private boats in el Muelle Deportivo (Sports Pier) and also has several sports facilities such as tennis courts, one of the main swimming clubs in the island (El Metropol).

If you are looking to take a course in sailing, see boats in all shapes and sizes in the city of Las Palmas, have a game of tennis or take some scuba diving lessons, this is the place to go.


Sailing clubs are also available as well as shops catering for these activities.


In terms of the natural landscape, this beach ranks quite low in our list of Gran Canaria Beaches In spite of being regarded as a privileged area in Las Palmas by many, the fact that there is a port almost sealing off the beach creating a colourful myriad of imported crates and that one of the busiest highways runs right behind the beach, make it a relatively unappealing destination when compared to what Gran Canaria has to offer if what you are looking for is swimming in the sea. If what you fancy is a lesson of sailing, seeing boats from all over the world or going on a bike ride in Las Palmas (LINK), las Alcaravaneras will cater to your needs!

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