Las Palmas Beaches - El Confital

Las Palmas Beaches - Located on la Isleta, the northwestern tip of Gran Canaria, el Confital is a secluded coastline section consisting of several enclaves and small rock and sandy beaches.

With impressive views of Las Canteras on one side and steep caved hills looming in the background, this beach offers a startling contrast in terms of landscapes and activities available to visitors. The calmest parts of the sea attract snorkellers; whereas those areas with long, well-formed waves have always attracted surfers and body boarders.

PIC 1 PIC 2 One of the least known beaches in Las Palmas, EL Confital is also ideal to go fishing or to go for short hike in the afternoon or a bike ride.

PIC CYCLING PIC BIKE RIDE If you are looking for a place to wind down and relax but do not fancy leaving the capital of the island, then el Confital is the right place for you!

Unlike Las Canteras, without a doubt one of the top in our Las Palmas beaches and Gran Canaria beaches rank, there are no hotels or buildings in el Confital as it is a protected natural space. You will see some old semi abandoned houses that have not changed in decades as you keep walking around La Isleta, but apart from this, el Confital is practically a virgin area.

Bright red rocks, dry vegetation such as cacti, and steep hills with caves will make you think that you are in the pre-Hispanic times of the Canary Islands. El Confital stretches for several kilometres and the lack of human activity will make it hard to believe that you are actually in the capital city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas.

Interesting Fact

until up to the late 1990s, el Confital used to host hundreds of "chabolas" (shanty houses) which no longer exist. During the past decade the natural beauty offered by the area caught the attention of several real estate developers, though luckily the area will not be "developed" anytime soon!

How to go to El Confital: In order to go to el Confital you should walk towards the northern point of Las Canteras towards where the hotels are located. This will lead you to a big square which has a marked pathway that leads there.Note: please bear in mind that there are no lifeguards in el Confital given that it is not visited that much.

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