Las Palmas Bus - No.102 -
Galdar / Agaete (El Valle de Agaete)

Las Palmas Bus: Galdar - Agaete - El Valle de Agaete (No.102)

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Timetable - No.102

Galdar / Agaete / El Valle de Agaete
Monday - Friday 07:05, 10:30, 14:30, 18:30
Saturday & Sunday 07:05, 10:30, 14:30, 18:30

El Valle de Agaete / Agaete / Galdar
Monday - Friday 07:40, 11:40, 15:40, 19:30
Saturday - Sunday 07:40, 11:40, 15:40, 19:30

All Stops - No.102

Galdar / Agaete / Valle de Agaete

Valle de Agaete / Agaete / Galdar

Bus Route - No.102

Valle de Agaete (or just 'El Valle' as it's locally known) is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Gran Canaria. Close to the beaches and natural swimming pools of Las Nieves this area is ideal. Click to see where to stay in Valley Agaete.

The valley is surrounded by Tamadaba Mountains. And there are a number of fantastic hikes which start here and take you all the way up to the island's largest Nature Park. The views as you go up the mountains are just stunning. You really can't miss it!

From Galdar's bus station you have to go to platform 3. Remember, in Galdar don't forget to visit La Cueva Pintada (or 'The Painted Cave').

Once in Agaete the bus stops at the Church. It then goes through some narrow roads and heads to El Valle.

Once in El Valle the bus makes a stop in La Suerte, which is on the left hand side where there are several restaurants and apartments. It's very close to San Pedro.

The next stop is El Lomo which overlooks San Pedro. And if you want to do Camino Tamadaba hike you should get off here. Then walk down the steps to San Pedro's centre and carry on straight up the road to Camino Tamadaba.

After this stop in El Lomo the No.105 then carries on going up the valley toward Hotel Princesa Guyarmina...which is under reconstruction.


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