Las Palmas Bus (No.201)
Firgas / Las Palmas Spain

Las Palmas Bus: Firgas - Las Palmas Spain No.201

As this bus does not run on an hourly basis...and there are many stops...we recommend you first go to Arucas. From Arucas you can then take the No.211 to Firgas.

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Timetable No.201

Las Palmas / Frigas
Monday - Saturday 6:15, 8:00, 16:45, 19:00

Firgas / Las Palmas
Monday - Saturday 6:40, 9:20, 15:40

There are no buses running on Sundays.

Bus Route No.201

If you decide to take the No.201 you'll have to go to platform 7 in San Telmo bus station in Las Palmas. can take it from Mesa y Lopez street in Las Palmas. This is Las Palmas' main retail street.

Another option is to take it from Las Arenas Shopping Centre at the end of Las Canteras beach. The wes side of the beach. Where there's a large auditorium.

The bus then goes up the GC-2 motorway along the northern coastline. Once it reaches Bañaderos on the coast it heads inland towards Firgas.

Click here to see the other option. This is to first go from Las Palmas to Arucas and then from Arucas to Firgas by taking the No.211.

If you take this option you will also be able to visit the beautiful city of Arucas which is famous for its impressive Church, its mountain (Montaña de Arucas) and its rum distillery. Which is also a rum museum.

All Stops No.201

Las Palmas / Frigas

Firgas / Las Palmas


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