Map of Canary Islands
Gran Canaria

Map of Canary Islands: Gran Canaria (Large Size) - There are many great places to visit in Gran Canaria. However not all of them are as well known (nor as easy to get to) as the popular beaches of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles.

map of canary islandsHowever if you prefer spending the day in your own 'small private beach' but don't know how to get there…this map size will allow you to do just that.

And if you don't know where these secluded beaches and secrete scenic points are…read through all sections of Travel Gran Canaria and then come back...

It's getting to these places you really need this size map for. So go ahead and read through Travel Gran Canaria…I'll be waiting for right here!

Ok, I'm sure that there are a good number 'new place' you definitely don't want to miss now. Great!

Now all you have to do is print out this Large Size Google Map of Gran Canaria (it will take a while to download, but it will download...just be patient). The map has 43 pages…however this extra printing will be well worth it…

We've taken the example of getting to Sardina Beach again (see map of Gran Canaria Medium Size to compare map resolutions). You can see you're be able to get here without a problem.

map of gran canaria

However getting to Sardina Beach is not really that difficult as its pretty well signposted…it's getting to more secluded beaches like Roque Prieto in Guía that you really want this map for.

gran canaria beaches
Roque Prieto Beach

How about this for a hidden natural swimming pool?

You won't find this beach in any travel guide and there are no signposting telling you how to get here. However if you use this size map you'll be able to get there just fine!

canary islands mapgran canaria map
Map of Gran Canaria (Medium Size)               Map of Gran Canaria (Large Size)

If you're just planning to go to the main towns and beaches like that of Las Canteras or Las Nieves in Agaete the Medium Size Map will do the job (and its only 14 pages!).

For more maps of all other Canary Islands like Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, El Hierro…click here!


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