Map of Fuerteventura

map of fuerteventuraMap of Fuerteventura - this island has some of the best beaches of the Canary Islands. the beaches of Sotavento and Coralejo are just spectacular!

It's really easy to drive around Fuerteventura as there's basically only one long motorway which runs from north to south along the coastline.

If you take the ferry you can get off Moro Jable which is right in the south…and then you can drive your way up to the north stopping at the most interesting beaches and towns.

Once you get to the northern tip of Fuerteventura (Corralejo) you can drive down through the interior stopping at typical towns and villages.

That's exactly what we did last April (2011) and it was fantastic. But more on that later…

If you need a Map of Fuerteventura you can get yours right here. Just download it and print it out (download pdf). It's only 6 pages!

fuerteventura map
The motorway in Fuerteventura

For ideas on what to do in Fuertenentura read about our trip to Fuerteventura.

holidays in fuerteventura
Me (left) and my friend Alex in Fuerteventura

Our Trip to Fuerteventura…

We took the 7:10am Ferry from Las Palmas to Moro Jable (south of Fuerteventura). And after 3 hours we drove our car off the ferry.

We saw our first great beach right there in Moro Jable. There are lots of restaurants just across from the promenade…so this is a great chance to have breakfast or brunch.

We then drove up to Sotavento where we were staying. This is an amazing beach, very popular with windsurfers and kite surfers.

fuerteventura beaches
Sotavento Beach

After leaving our bags we carried up north to Puerto del Rosaria. Fuerteventura's capital.

Escaping from restaurants catered to tourists (as they're more expensive) we found a good local restaurant "El Naufrago" where we had lunch...3 menus of the day!


Lunchtime Tip

Most local restaurants offer a 'menu of the day' or 'menu del día' in Spanish during lunchtime. This a good 3 course meal for around 8 euros.

You can usually choose from at least 3 first courses, 3 to 5 second and 5 desserts. And you can sometimes have a drink or a glass of wine too.

It's excellent value for money!

Just ask for "El menu del día, por favor?" next time.

Our friend Alex (left) and my brother

Our next stop were the amazing sand dunes of Corralejo. You'll know when you get here as the road itself goes through the dunes.

I'd heard a lot about sand dune surfing in Fuerteventura and couldn't wait to try it out. So the first thing I did…was take out my body board, walk up the highest dune I could find and push myself down it…

Me with my bodyboard going up the dune.

Just to fail miserably!
I was just stuck there! So if you find out how to do it properly please, please, please let me know and I'll post it here for others to read.

If you continue driving up north you'll get to the Town of Corralejo from where you can take a ferry to Lanzarote. There are also a number of private boats around its port which will take you deep sea fishing. They aren't difficult to find.

fuerteventura lanzarote ferry

And you also have the chance to go to Isla de Lobos. The whole island is a protected Nature Reserve. Basically no one lives here as it's protected. However you are allowed to walk through the island on its paths.

To get to Isla de Lobo there are kiosks right on the port where small boats will take you over. It's about 15 euros.

isla de lobosilsa de lobos fuerteventura

On our way back down we went through the interior and visited the beautiful towns of La Oliva, Antigua, Betancuria and Tuineje

fuerteventura accomodation

fuerteventura holiday

… and finally we made our way back to Moro Jable where we took the ferry back to Gran Canaria.


Map of Fuerteventura

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