Map of Gran Canaria

Map of Gran Canaria (Medium Size) - This is a great resolution if you just want to drive around the island and see Gran Canaria's main towns and beaches.

map of gran canariaAll motorways and secondary roads can be seen clearly at this size. The map is printed over 14 pages (download pdf).

But if you want to go to smaller villages and less know beaches you'll then probably have to follow the signposting from these roads. As this resolution doesn't really allow you to see tertiary roads that clearly.

We've taken the example of going to Sardina Beach…which is a great beach to snorkel and scuba dive in Galdar (in the northwest of Gran Canaria).

So to get to Sardina Beach using this map you would have to drive past Galdar down the GC-2 (labeled in red in the map below) and then keep your eyes open until you see a sign that says ''Sardina''…and then follow it.

gran canaria map

And there's the sign we were looking for…

map of canary islands

However it's not always that easy. The truth is you might end up having to go backwards and forwards looking for signposts. And you probably don't want to do this on holidays.

That's why we've created the map of Gran Canaria at a higher zoom or resolution.

Even though you'll have to print out more pages…visiting small secluded beaches might just be worth it! This map will allow you to get to all corners of the island. See Gran Canaria Map (Large Size).

We also recommend you read though all of the areas in Travel Gran Canaria. I'm sure you'll be surprised by all the 'new places' you'll want to visit once you've read this.

Before you go on holidays I suggest you mark all these 'new places' on your map and see if you can figure out how to get there. If you can' might want to use a higher map resolution.

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