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Canary Islands Map

map of lanzaroteMap of Lanzarote, Canary Islands Map - this map of Lanzarote will help you get around the island without a problem.

Click here to download this small Google Maps Book of Lanzarote. It's only 3 pages! We hope you find it handy when driving around the island …

To get here you can either fly in or if you are on any of the other Canary Islands you can take a ferry…especially if you're in Fuerteventura.

It only takes 20 minutes from Corralejo!

Although Lanzarote is much smaller than Gran Canaria there's still plenty to do here. So renting a car and exploring the island is not a bad idea...

What Is There To Do?

All of the Canary Islands are volcanic...and Lanzarote is "especially" volcanic!

Like Hawaii the Canaries were formed by a hotspot, which is a weakening inthe earth's crust that allows lava to come through.

The landscape here is raw as there has been very little erosion for thousands of years. It looks like volcanoes erupted just a few decades ago. The landscape here is often describes as being 'Lunar' looking.

Here we have listed some of Lanzarote's ''must do's'':

1) Tunnel of Atlantis - or Jameos del Agua is the largest know submerged volcanic tunnel (lava tube) in the world. It's approx 7 km long! They were formed by lava streams.

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This impressive structure was designed by one of the islands' most famous artists, César Manrique. Inside this tunnel is a natural pool with albino crabs. Yes, albino! They are white, very sensitive to light and blind. Amazing creatures!

2) Timanfaya National Park - also known as Montañas de Fuego or Mountains of Fire is a national protected area where there has been basically no human activity. The park accounts for 41% of the island's total surface.

This is not your normal park…instead of trees and bushes you'll only see raw volcanic soil and solidified lava.


And just a few metres below the soil's surface temperatures can reach up to 600°C. One of the main tourist attractions is when water is poured into a hole and after a few seconds and blast of steam comes out.

lanzarote timanfaya

3) La Gería Vineyards - here wine is made in a traditional manner. The interesting thing about this area is the way the vineyards are actually planted.

The method involves planting each plant in a pit, which is covered in small lava stones (picón) and then protected by a small wall of stones.

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This protect the plants from strong winds, but more importantly it collects dew during the night. The plants are 'watered' naturally during the night in this dry and baron landscape.

4) La Graciosa from Mirador Del Rio - located in the islands north its situated approximately 500m above the sea. From here you can see the small island of La Graciosa…which is also known as the 8th island.

lanzarote beaches

5) Playa Blanca - this is a great beach to spend some time under the sun. It's in the islands south and it has the volcano of Montaña Roja overlooking it. You can actually walk up the mountain. From here you can take the ferry to Fuerteventura.

lanzarote beach

There are beaches all along the coast here for several kilometres. Here you'll also find Playa Flamingo, Playa Dorada and Playa Papagallo.

Don't forget to download your map of Lanzarote!

Map of Lanzarote

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