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Moya Gran Canaria is also known as the 'Green Villa' as it's more of wetter interior municipality than a coastal one.

The weather here is much cooler than in other north-western areas like Galdar or Agaete which are much hotter.

The small coastal area of Moya (and of Arucas to its right) have some of the best surfing beaches in Gran Canaria. These are world class surfing spots where world championships are held.

And if you have a sweet tooth you can't come to Moya without trying its 'bizcochos' and 'suspiros'!

Its Beaches

Moya only has 4 km of coastline. As you drive down the northern motorway (GC2) along the coast you'll first pass Arucas's beaches and you'll get to Moya's.

The beaches here are great for surfing! But if you're not a surfer and you're looking for calmer beaches to relax in the north I would recommend you just continue driving towards Agaete.

moya gran canaria

We would however recommend you stop at EL Pagador Beach which has a nice natural swimming pool and a good restaurant too called "El Paso". This beach is just past Moya…and it actually belongs to Santa Maria de Guia.

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What to visit in Moya?

To get to the town of Moya you have to drive down the northern motorway (GC-2) and then make a left at the GC-75. This narrow road will take you all the way up the town of Moya.

This is more of an interior municipality just like Firgas or Valleseco. These tend to be much cooler and wetter than other north eastern areas. Here you can visit the church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. This impressive church seems to be hanging from the cliffs!

villa de moya

And just opposite the church is Tomas Morales House-Museum. Tomas Morales was one of the most popular poets of Spanish Modernism.

If you come to Moya you will also want to visit the town of Fontanales. It's about 10km from the Villa of Moya and 700m higher up. It's relaxing and charming. Here you can walk into its Chapel of La Ermita de Fontanales which was built in 1872.

And thanks to the microclimate found in Parque Rural de Doramas you'll find the Reserva Natural Especial de Los Tiles which has a small subtropical 'laurisilva' forests.

casa museo tomas moralescaminos reales gran canaria

In Moya you can also find some of the last volcanoes to erupt on the El Montañón Negro and La Caldera de Los Pinos. And in the caves of Cueva de Doramas and in La Montañeta you'll find the municipality's most important archelogical sites! All on it this is nice place to explore Canary Islands rural tourism.

canary islands rural tourism
El Montañón Negro - Moya Gran Canaria

How to get here?

By Car
All you have to do is take the northern motorway (GC-2). Once you pass Arucas, you're in Moya. To go to the town will have to make a right turn at the GC-75 intersection.

Both the 116 and the 117 will take you to Moya. To go to Galdar from Moya you can take the 126. And the 123 to Arucas.


Moya Gran Canaria

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