Parque Doramas in 'Gran Canaria Gardens City'
Las Palmas Spain

Parque Doramas is one of the largest parks in Las Palmas - with 47,800 square metres.

It's located a British colonial style residential area know as Ciudad Jardin or 'Gran Canaria Gardens City'.

It's right behind the yacht clubs of La Avenida Maritima…just infornt of Monopol swimming centre.

Parque Doramas is an excellent place to relax in as you'll be totally isolated from the surrounding roads and noise.

This is probably why one of the most exclusive hotels in Gran Canaria island (Hotel Santa Catalina) is located right beside the park.

The park itself has a variety of autochthonous plants, loads of palm trees and dragon trees. There are also a few fountains and waterfalls…and very importantly benches to sit down and relax.

Towards the west of the park is what's know as Pueblo Canario. It's recreation of typical Canarian village. And they have free Canarian folklore performances on Thursdays and Sundays…click here for more on this. Here you will also find Nestor Art Museum.

The park was named after the Guanche warrior - Doramas - who fought in the 15 century against the Spanish crown.

Remember the Guanches were the indigenous islanders before the Spanish conquer. You can learn all about them in the Canarian Museum in the old quarter of Vegueta in Las Palmas.

Doramas actually belonged to the lower social class of the 'axicatnas' or 'short haired'. Only the noble class were allowed to have long hair.

Because of his bravery in battle fighting-off the Spaniards from 1,470 he soon earned the respect of the noble class. And he was made a noble by the king or 'Guanarteme' of Galdar.

In 1481 he was killed in battle in Arucas. And then beheaded. His head was then paraded in Las Palmas in order to let the indigenous Guanches know.

In the park there are also statutes of men jumping from rocks. They are actually Guanches jumping off cliffs. As many preferred death itself to be ruled by the Spaniards.

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