Santa Brigida, Tafira
& Caldera de Bandama

santa brigida
Santa Brigida & Tafira are famous for its Caldera de Bandama. This is an impressive volcanic crater we definitely recommend you visit.

This area is a dormitory 'more upper class' residential area where many British families moved because of its cooler climate.

And it's also here where a British family founded Spain's first golf club.

Another place you have to visit the Jardin's the largest botanical garden in Spain. You won't regret coming here…and it's free!

What To Visit?

As you walk down the town's old streets it is difficult to miss Santa Brigida's Church. It was originally a chapel (built in 1524)…which was then built into a church…and in 1898 it had to be reconstructed as it was burnt down.

However what Santa Brigida is especially well known for is its Caldera de Bandama. It's definitely worth visiting if you have never been into a volcano before!

caldera de bandama Gran Canaria excursions - Caldera de Bandama

The volcano has a massive 326 hectare crater. You can drive your car all the way up to the peak (Pico de Bandama) and park it here...and then walk around.

The views from up here are spectacular! You'll have great photo opportunities. There is also a nice restaurant up here which we fully recommend…it's good value for money…but be careful with siesta times.

There are 3 walks you can do in Caldera de Bandama. But make sure you come well prepared though as it can get very hot here when the sun is right above your head. Make sure you bring a good pair of shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat. You'll see the walks marked on the map when you get here.

'El Jardin Canario' is another must see. This is a 27 hectare botanical garden (the largest in Spain) with all sorts of endemic species...

jardin canario santa brigida
Gran Canaria excursions - El Jardin Canario

The park is divided into different sections. And the Cactus Garden is just amazing. However the first place you should go to is the Exhibition Hall…as you can get a free map of garden. There are no entrance fees - it's free! The park opens everyday from 9:00 to 18:00.

The Casa Museo del Vino (or Wine House Museum) is an exposition of local wines. Here you can try and learn how wine is produced locally from volcanic soil. It's also free, but don't go on a Monday as it's closed. There is another nice restaurant here (La Tasca del Vino) where you can have lunch or dinner.


If you come on a weekend you can visit Santa Brigida's farmer's market, but make sure you get here early as it only opens in the mornings.

And if you're a golf lover you might want to visit Spain's first golf club…Las Palmas Royal Golf Club. It was founded in 1891 by a colonial British family. It's an 18 hole course with two putting greens and it's open from 8:00 to 23:00.

There are also 3 pre-Hispanic sites you can explore:

  • Cueva de Los Frailes…these are 37 volcanic caves. To visit them you'll have to go up to La Calzada bridge and it's right beside it.

  • La Cueva de los Canarios is another pre-Hispanic cave which is located in Caldera de Bandama. It's on the northern side and it was used by the Guanches to store grain. Inside it interesting inscriptions and artifacts were discovered which are now kept in the Canarian Museum.

  • La Angostura Valley and Las Meleguinas are two other archeological sites which have been declared Cultural Heritage Sites.

How to get here?

If you're driving from Las Palmas you can either take the new motorway (GC-4) which takes you Santa Brigida in no time (15 mins)…or the GC-15 which will take you slightly longer. Click here if you need a free map of Gran Canaria.

The 301 and 302 leave from the bus station in Las Palmas (located on Avenida Rafael Cabrera) every 30 minutes and every hour. You can also take the 303 bus which goes to all the way San Mateo. If you want to go to Bandama which is where the volcano is located you should take the 311.

Santa Brigida, Tafira & Caldera de Bandama

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