Santa Lucia Gran Canaria

santa lucia gran canaria
Santa Lucia Gran Canaria
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on the coast you'll find Pozo Izquierdo's windsurfing beach.

If you then drive inland (off the GC-1) you'll discover a completely different landscape in the Town of Santa's a small but charming.

And if you continue driving further up you'll get to an amazing oasis…surrounded by hundreds of palm trees!

Its Beach

There's only one beach here…Playa de Pozo Izquierdo. And it's by far the best WINDSURFING beach on Gran Canaria. Pozo Izquierdo and 'windsurfing' are synonyms as this is a world class windsurfing spot where annual world championships are held.

pozo izquierdo gran canaria

If you're a windsurfer there's another great beach close by in Aguimes - Playa de Vargas.

Right on the edge of Pozo Izquierdo is Salinas de Tenefe. Here you can see how salt is still 'extracted' in the traditional way using wind mills.

Salinas gran canaria

What to visit in Santa Lucia Gran Canaria?

To get to Santa Lucia's town you'll have to drive off the GC-1 (the main motorway) and take the GC-65 in Vecindario. This will take you up inland. Once you get here we recommend you start by visiting its church Iglesia de Santa Lucia. There's no way you can miss it as it's in the town square on a small hill.

santa lucia gran canaria

The museum Museo Castillo de la Fortaleza is also especially interesting. It's an archeological museum where you can learn all about this areas pre-Hispanic history. And around the museum there's a garden with autochthonous plants and fruit trees. It's a nice place to stroll around after lunch.

You can also visit Museo de la Zafra...where you will learn about the most important aspects of the recent history of this area - tomatoes! You'll learn about the plants, the production process, packaging, transport and export.

museo de la zaframuseums gran canaria

In Vecindario you can find the Artisan Centre. It's in the park Era de Verdugo where the Tourism Office is also located. It's also a good place to grab yourself a free map of Santa Lucia.

Exploring Nature!

Barranco de Tirajana is a large ravine that starts in the centre of the island and runs all the way into the sea. It's 76 km². If you enjoy nature this is a great place to come to. But it does get very hot so make sure you come well prepared...

Here you'll find the Caldera de Tirajana and Fortaleza de Ansite. This is a rare 'volcanic building' and an important archeological site too. The fortress has a number of caves where the Guanches used to live and bury their loved ones.

canary islands rural tourism

Further down you'll find the life-saving oasis of Presa de la Sorrueda. There's a beautiful 'palmeral' (which is a sort of palm tree forest) here that surrounds the reservoir. This 'parmeral' is in fact one of the most important ones on the island too.

santa lucia gran canaria

Finally there are 4 viewpoints in Santa Lucia you shouldn't miss. These are:

  • La Sorrueda Viewpoint - it's on the right bank of the dam. For many years this beautiful scenery was featured in Gran Canaria Tourism Promotion presentation.

  • Guriete Viewpoint - to get here you have to drive up the GC-500 (click here for a free map of Gran Canaria). The views are great! And there's a 'palmeral' just under the viewpoint too.

  • Ingenio Viewpoint - is located in the division point between Ingenio de Santa Lucia. From here you can see the whole basin of Las Tirajanas.

  • Las Tederas - from here you can see the historic St. Lucia and next to the viewpoint is the Hall of Nature.


Santa Lucia Gran Canaria

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