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santa maria de guia
We recommend you travel Gran Canaria and visit
Santa Maria de Guia. As there's much more here than just great cheese!

If you drive down the GC-2 along the northern coast towards Agaete…and before you get to El Puente de Silva (which is one of the tallest bridges in Spain) there are number of interesting beaches like El Pagador or San Felipe Beach.

Guia's town centre itself is also interesting and it was even declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument due to its beautiful architecture.

You should also visit El Cenobio de Valeron...this is a pre-Hispanic storage area with over 300 rooms!

Its Beaches!

Guia isn't really known for its beaches…but if you know where you're looking for you can find true gems!

One of these gems is Roque Prieto Beach. This is a totally secluded natural swimming pool. Only a few locals come here. It's a great place to come in summer during low tide! Do not however try to swim here during high tides as there are strong sea currents which are very dangerous.

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El Pagador Beach is another less secluded natural swimming pool. Many small fish are trapped here during the low tides which makes it a nice place for snorkelling. There's also a really good restaurant here which we love coming to called "Restaurante El Paso". It has great sea views and as you can imagine the fish is REALLY fresh.

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San Felipe Beach is probably the best know beach in Guia though. It's also known as 'Surfer Paradise' and it's excellent for...well, surfing. This is the place to come to if you like surfing, however if you don't, there is not much point in coming as there are much nicer beaches further down in Agaete.

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What to see in Santa Maria de Guia?

The town of Santa Maria de Guia has one of the most typical Canarian architectures on the island. Because of this it was declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1982.

To get to the town centre (driving from Las Palmas towards Galdar) you'll have to turn left in hereā€¦

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...there's a statue of a woman making cheese on the left, so the entrance will be easy to spot. Then you just have to carry on straight until you get to its neoclassical Church. You'll see that all the roads here are made of embedded stones.

Opposite the Church is the town hall and on its left is an excellent example of typical Canarian architecture called Casa de los Quintana. This house was built in the XVII century.

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Before leaving Santa Maria de Guia you should also visit El Cenobio de Valeron which is a pre-Hispanic structure. It's believed that this was and ancient granary which has over 350 rooms used by the Guanches to store cereals. The site opens from Tuesdays to Sunday (10:00 - 17:00) and there is an entrance fee of 2.5 euros.

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You also have to try Guia's cheese as it's really famous for it. You can find lots of it in its street market. The market is held opposite the Church in the town square every Tuesdayand Sunday from 8:00-13:00. If you're planning to be in Gran Canaria during the last week of April you can't miss its Cheese Fiesta!!

How to get here?

By Car
It's very easy...just take the northern motorway (GC-2) from Las Palmas and you will be here in 20 minutes.

You can either take the 105, which goes to Galdar, or you can take the 103 which goes all the way to Agaete and its beaches of Las Nieves.


Santa Maria de Guia - Travel Gran Canaria!

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