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cruz de tejeda
In Tejeda you'll find island's Gran Canaria's highest point.

Pico de las Nieves stands 1,949m above sea level which is impressive for such a tiny island.

And you can't miss going to El Roque Nublo as it's one of the island's main icons.

Before heading to the town itself…we would highly recommend you go to Las Presa de las Niñas. This is a dam, which looks like a lake, surrounded by pine trees and a picnic area.

What to do in Tejeda?

This is a beautiful mountainous area. Here you'll find one of Gran Canaria's main icons… El Roque Nublo! This is a 70 m tall monolithic rock that sticks out like a thumb 1,813m above sea level.


This area is surrounded by Canarian Pine trees and almonds. And there are a number of interesting hiking treks here.

We highly recommend the hiking trek (or 'Caminos Real' as we call them here) that takes you right up to and around El Roque Nublo. This is a short and easy walk. And anyone can do it.

Roque Bentayga
is another interesting volcanic formation. It's especially interesting as it is where pre-Hispanic religious rituals were held by aboriginals for their Gods.

Here you'll find The King's Cave. And you can still clearly see the religious nature of this area inside these caves. However they did have other functions. The views from this area are unique as you can see the whole south-west of Gran Canaria.

Las Presa de las Niñas is an absolutely have-to as it is one of the best dams (our 'lakes') on the island.

tejeda gran canaria

It has a picnic area with tables. There is nothing better than having lunch here and then as small siesta under its pine trees!

This area is also a camping area, so if you get your permit from the government you can post your tent right by the water. You can also practice water sports here so if you come during the weekend you'll most likely find people kayaking here.

The Town

The town itself is very popular with both locals and tourist as it has one of the best viewpoints on the island. So my advice would be to come during the week.

Right as you get here you'll see Cruz de Tejeda. You'll know when you get here as this area is full of life.

There are dozens of stands selling all sorts of traditional products. Here you'll have the chance to buy some original 'Bienmesabe'. It's a traditional almond dessert which makes a perfect present for family and friends back home.

There are a number of restaurants just across the road as well as the viewpoint itself. From here you'll see the snow on Teide's mountain in Tenerife on a clear day!

If you stroll around the town you visit...

  • Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Socorro which is the local church.
  • Abraham Cardenes Museums shows sculptures and paintings of this local artist. And it is also the Tourist Information Centre.
  • Tejeda's Traditions Museum where you can discover local traditions.
  • Las Tres Cruces Museum where you can learn more about traditional agricultural tools and methods.
  • Medicinal Plant Centre. Here you'll learn how to identify and use local plants to treat a variety illnesses.

How to get here?

As it's in the centre of the island you can drive here from both from the south and the north.

From Las Palmas you'll first need to take the 303 bus to San Mateo. And then the 305 bus to Tejeda. If you are staying in the south of the island you'll have to take the 18 bus from Faro de Maspalomas. It first goes to Tejeda and then San Mateo.

Gran Canaria Places

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