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has one of the most spectacular markets on the island every Sunday.

So we heavily recommend you come here on a Sunday when it is bustling with people.

In the town centre you will find the Church Iglesia del Pino which attracts thousands of people every 8th September when pilgrims offer goods to the Virgin.

The town centre is surrounded by traditional houses with typical Canarian balconies.

What to Visit?

Terror is an interesting town to visit, especially on a Sunday morning where it becomes one of the busiest markets on the island.


Here you will find all sorts of traditional products. From freshly traditionally baked bread, to marinated olives, cheese and what is known as 'Chorizo de Terror'. The best way I can describe it is as a sort of 'salami paste' which you spread over bread. It's really tasty!

gran canaria teror Sunday Market (Ayto. Teror)

The market takes over the whole town centre as there are 140 stands. It opens from 8am to 3pm. There are also lots of restaurants around its square, so it's an ideal place to have lunch too.

Town Centre

Right in the centre of the town is the famous Church Iglesia del Pino. 'Pino' means 'pine tree' in Spanish and there is one right beside the church.

Apparently the Virgin Marry appeared on the pine tree and that's why this great church was built here. The inside is very impressive! Just step inside and you'll be able to see for yourself.  

The Pope proclaimed The Vigin of the Pine (La Virgen del Pino) the island's patron in 1914.

As a result the Fiesta of La Virgen del Pino has become the largest religious festival on the island. People from all corners of the island come here every 8th September. It's one of the biggest events on the island and it lasts for a week.

teror gran canaria

All around the Church and the town centre you'll find traditional Gran Canarian architecture. Beautifully decorated wooden balconies. Some of them date back to the 1500's. It's a good spot to take some portraits.

Try visiting Casas Museo Los Partrones de la Virgen. This is an lovely 'house-museum' from the 1600's built around a courtyard. Inside there are all sorts of artifacts and old paintings.

How to get here?

Just drive down the GC-2 along the coast. This is the motorway along the north coast. And turn right towards Arucas (GC-20).

From Arucas you can drive straight up to Terror (GC-43). Or you can first go to Firgas (GC-300) and then go to Terror from there (GC-30). You can download and print out your own map of Gran Canaria right here.

Bus 229 leaves every hour (7:30, 8:30, 9:30…) from platform 18 in San Telmo Station. And bus 216 leaves on the hour, every hour and it also leaves from platform 18.

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