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arucas gran canariaArucas Gran Canaria - Places To Visit
This municipalty is very close to Las Palmas. You just have to drive down the GC-2 towards Agaete along the coast and turn right at the GC-20. It's easy!

The entire northern coast is fantastic for surfing! And the beaches found here are no exception. These are the best spots for the sport!

In the city itself it's impossible to miss its Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. And after walking through its centre you should go to the top of its mountain La Montaña de Arucas.

A visit to the Rum Museum and a drive down to the coast through its banana and sugar cane plantations are also a must.

Its Beaches

The north coast of Gran Canaria is famous for its surfing beaches. Especially these here in Arucas. They are some of the best surfing beaches on the island!

The beaches of Playa Quintanilla, Playa Los Enanos and Playa San Andres are simply world class surfing points.

Playa Los Enanos

Further along the coast is Playa San Felipe in Guia…which is known as surfers's paradise!! So if you're a surfer...this northern coast is simply HEAVEN!

But there's also something for us non-surfers. In the beach of Playa El Puertillo you'll find much calmer waters.

arucas beaches

Playa El Puertillo is a small beach with golden sand. This makes it popular with locals during the summer months.

arucas gran canria beaches
Playa El Puertillo (Bañaderos)

And right across from this beach is the natural swimming pool of Los Charcones! A lovely place to take a dip in.

grancanaria places
Playa Los Charcones

And Playa Las Salinas is a secluded nudist (or naturalist) beach. Here you can enjoy freely of nature.

If you continue driving down the GC-2 along the coast you'll get to Guia, Galdar, Agaete and La Alda…where you'll find even more secluded beaches!

Things To Do…

The city of Arucas itself is not on the coast so you have to drive inland to get there...

If you're driving from Las Palmas towards Galdar or Agaete down the GC-2 along the coast…you just have to turn right when you see the signpost GC-20.

The first thing you'll see when you drive into Arucas is its impressive Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. It's of neo-gothic style which dates back to the XVII centrury.

Parking Tip

Just before you get to the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista there's a large parking space on the right hand side.

We suggest you just park your car there and walk around the city centre on foot.

catedral de arucas
Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

And right in front of the Cathedral is the town square of Plaza de la Constitución. Here you'll also find a small Museum and the Tourism Office.

On the other side of the Church is beautiful street which is an ideal spot to sit down and have a coffee as you'll also be surrounded by flower shops.

gran canaria places
Flower Street

We would then suggest you drive up the mountain La Montaña de Arucas. Its views are amazing. From here you can clearly see the Rum Museum. There's also a restaurant at the top of the mountain.

Our next stop is the RUM Museum…and yes it's the same 'rum' we put into a mojito we're talking about! The museum is actually inside the distillery itself which was built in 1880. Here you'll see all the different types of rums and liqueurs they produce. Try my all time favorite...'Honey Rum'!

montaña de arucasmuseo del ron
La Montaña de Arucas

As we drive back down to the coast through vast banana and sugar cane plantations (the same sugar canes used to make the rum) you can stop at La Casa y Jardín de la Marquesa. This building and its gardens were built in 1880.

La Casa la Marquesa de Arucas
La Casa y Jardín de la Marquesa


The most popular fiesta here is a religious one. That of San Juan Bautista, who's the municipality's patron. It's held on the 23rd and 24th of June.

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