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Travel Gran Canaria - The truth is that most who come to Gran Canaria on holidays just go to the island's South...where all tourist resorts are. However there is so much to do and see in this 'mini-continent'. We really recommend you just rent a car and explore the island!

The North-West!

agaete travel gran canaria

Travel Gran Canaria: Agaete, Galdar, Guia, La Aldea, Artenara, Moya, Arucas, Firgas
agaete Agaete is definitely a must! Not only because of its beaches and its historic Town Centre, but because its fertile Valle de Agaete.

Try to walk up to Tamadaba Natural Park which surrounds this valley. The views are amazing!!

galdar Galdar was one of the two kingdoms before the Spanish conquered Gran Canaria in 1483. So it's not surprising that so many pre-Hispanic remains have been found here.

The city itself is built around a volcano with an impressive crater.

santa maria de guia Santa Maria de Guia is famous for its artisan tradition, its architecture and its cheese!

And of course you shouldn't miss its pre-Hispanic site of El Cenobio de Valerón…nor San Felipe beach!

la aldea La Aldea - As you drive from Agaete to La Aldea…the views of the Atlantic crushing into the rugged mountains are just stunning!

This is probably the most isolated and 'rawest' coastal area of Gran Canaria. And visiting Güi-Güi beach is a must!

artenara Artenara is a small town surrounded by a pine forest (Tamadaba). You'll find blue skies and pleasant views.

There's a beautiful Restaurant (almost hidden) which you have to go to. You'll have to walk through a tunnel...and the views on the other side of the mountain are really beautiful.

moya gran canaria Moya - Together with Firgas and Arucas, Moya is more of an northern-interior region.

These tend to be much wetter, greenerand cooler than the hotter and dryer North-Western areas of Gran Canaria.

arucas Arucas - As you drive into Arucas you'll see lots banana plantations. And once you get to Arucas it will be impossible to miss its church.

Driving up to the Mountain of Arucas and visiting its Rum Museum (…Yes, RUM! ) are two have-to's.

firgas Firgas - It's Town Centre is quite small and you can walk around it in 45 mins.

We would then recommend you drive up to El Zumacal. Here you'll discover a totally different island here. Everything is so green...

Las Palmas and The East!

las palmas de gran canaria las canteras

Travel Gran Canaria: Las Palmas de GC, Telde, Ingenio, Aguimes
las palmas Las Palmas de GC is a cosmopolitan city with the best city-beach of Spain…La Playa de Las Canteras!

Its old quarter is Vegueta where you'll find Gran Canaria's Cathedral. Las Palmas offers everything you would expect from a modern city and much more!

telde Telde - Its beaches of Melenara, Salinetas and La Garita are very popular with locals.

Telde was also one of the largest pre-Hispanic kingdoms on the island. So there are a number of archeological sites you can visit here.

ingenio Ingenio - Along the coast you'll find Playa del Burrero beach…which is a good site for windsurfing!

The town of Ingenio is further up inland. Here you'll be able to visit its town square (Plaza de La Candelaria), its Church and the Stone & Craft Museum.

aguimes Aguimes - You can visit Playa de Vargas where the annual Windsurfing Gran Prix is held every year. Or La Playa del Cabrón…which is great for snorkeling!

El Barranco de Guayadeque is a beautiful valley where hundreds of pre-Hispanic remains have been found.

The Mountain Centre!

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Travel Gran Canaria: Teror, Tejeda, San Mateo, Valleseco, Valsequillo, Santa Brígida
spain holidays Teror holds one of the largest and most typical Canarian street markets of the's every Sunday!

Here you'll be able to buy all sorts of typical food and artisan souvenirs.

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Tejeda - You can walk upto one of the island's icons…El Roque Nublo! All this area is surrounded by a pine forest.

Here you'll also be able to visit The King's Cave where pre-Hispanis religious rituals were held. And La Presa de las Niñas...a beautiful reservoir.

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Vega de San Mateo has always been a rich agricultural area. And every Sunday they hold a big agricultural market which attracts locals from all over Gran Canaria.

El Mirador de la Cruz offers great views of this rich valley!

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Valleseco literally means "Dry Valley". But it's actually all but dry. It's in fact one of the (if not the) greenest areas of Gran Canaria.

Here you'll be able to drive up narrow roads covered by lush vegetation.

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Valsequillo - To get here you have to drive from Las Palmas towards the south of the island along the coast.

El Barranco de los Cernicalos and La Caldera de Tentiniguada are places you must visit if you come to Valsequillo.

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Santa Brigida is best known for being a dormitory town. Many expats moved her because of its cooler climate.

La Caldera de Bandama is definitely worth a visit. It's a massive volcanic crater!

The South!

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Travel Gran Canaria: Santa Lucia, San Bartolome de Tirajana, Mogan
santa lucia gran canaria

Santa Lucia - Along its coast you'll find Pozo Iquierdo beach…an international windsurfing spot.

And as you drive up to the interior you get to an oasis (La Caldera de las Tirajanas) and a life-saving reservoir called La Presa de la Sorrueda.

gran canaria san agustin San Bartolome de Tirajana is famous for its beautiful beaches of Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and San Agustin.

Many tourist resorts and hotels have been built on this municipality's coast.


puerto rico gran canaria Mogan is also known for being a major tourist destination. Here you'll find the tourist resorts of; Argüinegín, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Taurito and Puerto de Mogán.

If you drive up to the mountainous centre you'll find Gran Canaria's largest reservoirs...La Presa de Soria!

Travel Gran Canaria

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