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which translated to English literally means 'dry valley' is everything but dry. It's in fact one of the greenest places you can visit on Gran Canaria.

If you want to explore a totally different Gran Canaria to that of sunny beaches just come here... 80% of this municipality is a Nature Reserve. You'll find lush vegetation growing on the roads' sides as you drive up here.

This area is also famous for its apples and cider.

What to Visit?

The Church of Saint Vicente is the oldest building in Valleseco. And inside you can find two treasures. One is an actual piece of Saint Vicente's arm…and the second is an 18 century German organ.


There are two good restaurants up here we heavily recommend you visit. One is 'El Balcon de Zamora'...which has great views of Las Palmas...and the other is 'Grill Valle'.


About 80% of Valleseco is a Nature Park… Doramas Rural Park. And inside this park is La Virgen Ravine. This is a lush forest that used to cover all of Valleseco. To get here from the town centre you'll have to take the GC-305.

Inside this Nature Park we recommend you visit La Laguna…or 'the lagoon'. The whole area is a large volcanic crater covered by forest. And at the bottom you find the lagoon.

terorPhoto: M.Millares

There are bbq's, tables and tap water here…so it's a great place to have a picnic. To get here from the town centre, just drive to the crossroad of Teror and Firgas (these are roads GC-21 and GC-30). Get a map of Gran Canaria here if you need one.

El Pico de Osorio is another place you can't miss if you come to La Laguna. This is another volcanic crater with beautiful views of Gran Canaria's north. This area is also known as Cortijo de Calderetas…and it's surrounded by old chestnuts and pine trees.

To get here you will have stop your car and walk up a path. You will find the path on your right hand side, where there is a steep bend is.

How to get here?

By Car
Just drive up the northern motorway (GC-2) and then take the GC-21. You'll need to drive pass Terror to get here.

Or you can go through Firgas by take the GC-30. We prefer this route as the views as you drive up are much nicer and greener. The town centre is about 28 km away from Las Palmas.

From Las Palmas' bus station you can take the 216 bus. It goes to Teror every 30 minutes. In Teror you'll have to take the 220 bus. This bus goes all the way to Artenara.

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