Vega de San Mateo
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Vega de San Mateo
Vega de San Mateo
is an interior town which makes it colder and wetter than the coastal areas. Make sure you bring a jumper as it can get quite chilly here.

Here you will have to visit its Church on Calle Principal and the more lively street of La Caldereta.

If like BBQ's and picnics we suggest you get some food in the farmers market and...head to one of its 3 recreational areas. In one of these you can even go on a horse riding excursion.


What to Visit?

In the town centre on Calle Principal or 'Main Street' you will find the Church of San Mateo. And right around the town hall you will get to La Caldereta Street. If you walk down this traditional street you get to lovely viewpoint.

san mateo gran canaria

This area of La Caldereta is one of the most popular and lively places in Vega de San Mateo. Here you can appreciate traditional Canarian architecture.

If you want to learn more about the Canarian lifestyle in the past you should visit the Ethnographical Museum Cantonera. This is a 300 year old farmhouse which has been converted into a museum.

And if you are planning to come on the weekend you cannot miss its bustling farmers market as it one of the most popular on the island.

vega de san mateo

There are also a number of viewpoints we heavily recommend you drive up to. These are; Mirador de la Cruz y El Montañón which overlooks San Mateo, Mirador de la Montaña Cabrejas with views of Guiniguada Ravine and Las Palmas, and Mirador de Los Pechos where you will be able to see the north, the south and on a clear day Tenerife too!

How about having a BBQ?

There are 3 really nice recreational areas in Vega de San Mateo. And they are great to come here for family picnics and bbq's.

    1. La Lechucilla and El Calero

    If you like bbq's you can just pick-up some local products in San Mateo and come here. This picnic area (surrounded by old chestnut trees) is about 4km from the town itself. To get here just drive from the town centre down the GC-41, as if you were driving towards Valleseco…and you will find it on the way.

    2. Llanos de Ana Lopez

    This is another of our favorite places as its got good bbq facilities. To get here from the town centre drive up the GC-15 to Cruz de Tejeda. Once here take the GC-150 towards Pico de las Nieves…and it's about 5km away.

    3. Montaña Cabreja Horse Riding Centre

    On top of a nice picnic area…here you can go on a number of horse riding excursions around this lush area. Remember this area is much wetter and greener that what you will see around the coastal area. It really is like being in two totally different continents.

    On Saturday's and Sunday's you don't have to make bookings to go on one of these excursions which last from 1 to 6 hours. To get here drive up the GC-15 from Artenara toward Cruz de Tejeda. Then take the GC-154 towards Montaña Cabreja.

How to get here?

From Las Palmas you can take the northern motorway (GC-2) and then the GC-15. This road also takes you to Tejeda.

From the South (Maspalomas, Amadores, Playa del Ingles, etc) you first need to go to Telde (GC-1) and then take the GC-41. Once you get to Teror take the GC-42. Click here if you need a free map of Gran Canaria.

The 303 bus leaves every 30 minutes from Las Palmas. From the South of Gran Canaria…you want to get to Telde first and then take the 13 bus. It leaves every 45 minutes from Telde.

If you first want to visit Tejeda you take the 305 bus. It leaves every hour. You can also get here from Teror by taking the 214 bus (it leaves every 2 hours).

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