Vegueta Gran Canaria
Visit the Old Town of Las Palmas

Vegueta - you really can't say…you've been to Las Palmas…if you haven't spent a few hours here!

This is Las Palmas' old quarter. And it's where it all began in 1477.

Just strolling around its narrow pebbled streets and its wooden balconies will take you back to the 15th-century.


As you cross the road from Triana to Vegueta…the first thing you'll see is its market. I love the atmosphere here. Everything is so lively and is so fresh.

Make sure you get yourself a handful of the-sweetest dates in the world here. The market opens until about lunch time.

#1 Santa Ana Cathedral & Square

Behind the market is Santa Ana Cathedral and Santa Ana Square. These are two of Las Palmas' landmarks - and they're definitely a-must!


It's 3 euros to get into the Cathedral but it's well worth it. It's really interesting and if you come on a Sunday morning they have a free service.

The inside is much bigger than what we expected and it was beautifully decorated.

We also went all the way up to the tower. The views from the top were simply amazing.

On one side you had an endless blue ocean (the Atlantic) and on the other great panoramic views of the historical Vegueta. You can easily spend 30-45 minutes in the Cathedral.


Once you're done exploring the inside, make sure you walk around the back side of the Cathedral…as it's lovely!

Right in front of the Cathedral is the town square - Plaza Santa Ana - with its 8 bronze dog statues.

And no matter how hard I try…I can never help myself from patting them on the head. I bet you won't either!

The square is a nice open area. Great to just lay-back and relax for a bit. It's surrounded by colonial buildings known as - "Casas Consistoriales". They used to be the town hall.

#2 Canarian Museum - "El Museo Canario"

A 5 minute walk away is another museum -the Canarian Museum or "El Museo Canario".

And it's also free on Mondays!

El Museo Canario is the best archeological museum to learn about how Gran Canaria's pre-Hispanic inhabitants' (the Guanches) lived.

And if you're into'll love it!

It's got some of the most amazing Guanche artifacts and mummies from archeological sites all over the island (like that of Galdar).

There are 11 exhibition halls. Some date back to the 500BC. And one of them is a spooky room covered in Guanche skulls and skeletons.

We spend an hour and a half in the museum…which was ideal…as we were starting feel peckish.

The only 'but', is that it's a bit difficult to find.

You first have to go to Calle Dr Chil. This is the second parallel street to the Cathedral's right and then just walk up the street.

#3 Colombus House Museum - "Casa de Colón"

Here you will also find Colombus House Museum or "Casa de Colón" on Calle Colon.

It's easy to spot as it's really nice from the outside.

And its entrance is free!

This is where Christopher Colombus stayed right before adventuring out to the Americas in 1492.

The building itself is a lovely typical Canarian house with a courtyard. This is a great chance to really absorb some history about Colombus' Atlantic voyage and to be taken back-in-time.

There are canons, maps, illustrations, parrots…and my favorite - a real size replica of Colombus's cabin!

#4 Contemporary Art Museum - CAAM

Right behind the Cathedral you will also find Vegueta's a Contemporary Art Museum - CAAM (Centro Atlantico Arte Moderno).

It has fantastic exhibitions. It really is well worth visiting! It's down Calle de los Balcones.

And it's also free!

#5 Holy Spirit Square

If you carry on walking up the same street past the Canarian Museum (on Calle Dr Chil) you'll get to the Holy Spirit Square or "Plaza del Espiritu Santo".

This is a lovely square with a fountain and a chapel. It was in this chapel where Christopher Colombus made his last prayers before sailing out to the unknown world.


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