Today's Weather in Gran Canaria

The weather in Gran Canaria's capital for the next 4 days is…

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From the satellite image you can see the current cloud cover for yourself. This image is updated every hour on the hour!

    Image of the Canary Islands

    Great Year Round Weather in Gran Canaria!!

    The weather here is brilliant all year round!

    National Meteorological Institute (2010 data) weather in gran canaria

    World's Best Weather!

    Gran Canaria's climate is unbeatable...

    That's according to Dr Whitmore. The director of research on climatology at Syracuse University in New York.

    After studying over 600 cities worldwide he ranked Las Palmas de GC…

    "the city with the best climate in the world"

    …in his 1996 scientific study titled"Pleasant Weather Ratings".

    In winter temperatures (during the day) are between 22-24°C (72F - 75°F).

    And in summer the NE trade winds keep the temperature down to 26-28 °C (79-82°F).

    This is pretty amazing…as temperatures during this time of the year in places like Morocco, Turkey or even mainland Spain and Italy can be above 40°C!

    There are also over 300 days of sunshine a year in Gran Canaria. And the water is warm to swim in year round...19-23°C.

    You'll even be able swim and sunbath in Las Canteras Beach during Christmas Day!

    Gran Canaria Climate Mini-Continent

    Gran Canaria's mountainous center and its trade winds create a number of micro-climates. You can go from a subtropical to the continental climate within an hour.

    I've actually been sledging down snow in the island's highest peaks (with my body board!) where the temperature was 0°C…

    …then drive down to the coast and sunbathe in a sandy beach where the temperature was above 25°C! All this only within a few hours from each other. This is why they say Gran Canaria is a 'mini-continent'.

    North vs South

    The island's South is slightly hotter and more arid than the Northern areas.

    This is because the trade winds (carrying moisture from the sea) blow from the NE. This moisture then condensates as it reaches higher altitudes in the mountainous centre.

    By the time they reach the South they contain very little moisture.

    So What's Calima or Sirocco?

    There are a few days a year where the wind blows from the east…straight from the Sahara desert!

    climate in gran canaria

    It's only during these days when the weather can get really hot. And dusty. As very fine sand is also blown over from the desert.


    Weather in Gran Canaria

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